Dark tower by godbo6

Tower of Abomination

Floor 1: Entrance, seems normal. Barren room leading to a spiral stair.

Floor 2: Element chamber. Room can be charged with any of the elements that Zaxten can ignore. Yes, they just turn on and injure people. (There is a trick to the floor and a small tomb stone in the lightning part of the room. Whether its a trophy or not you might have to guess. James Simon)

Floor 3: Floor of Screams due to the previous intruders now it seems corpses and hissing centipedes now control this room as a sort of egg laying floor.

Floor 4: Java room. Coffee flows freely from a large Coffee maker..hollows serve it to all who ask. Yes they are centipedes with top hats.

Floor 5: Lavish room of luxury complete with a round table for "discussions"

Floor 6: Zaxten's telescope and bedroom...also a sort of meditation room as well.

Basement: Secret stuff. Hajira knows what goes on down there. Also not accessible without Zaxten or Hajira's permission.

Pit under the basement: Any hollow Zaxten has in his possession goes here for most of their lives. there are sections in this area to contain certain ones but then there is also the wide expanse for them to roam or murder.

Engraving on the tower doors.

None Shall Enter.


Red: Explode upon aggrivating. Generally all outside and swarming the area

Yellow: Detect Dimensional Rifts and hiss alerting Zaxten

Purple: Repair the tower and do other construction purposes

Green: Eyes for Zaxten's monitors all located outside and some areas inside


Science lab: All of his major ideas for Bio tech and Tech are here

List of items: Sei Bombs,

Cloakers (Bio Tech Current version 3.0 hopefully fixed bad feeling wearing them) 

Cero cannon: Shoots a beam similar to a cero (Needs further testing)

Limiters: Reduce Espada to something similar of a fraccion (REALLY in need of testing)

Armor: Hides Reiatsu presence. downfall you look like Zaxten in his release. (Oddly safe)

Synthetic hollows:

Octopi (Construction)

Menos (Based off Alberto in most senses)

Vasto Lorde (Only 7 so far, 1 happens to be Limo's old pet) 

Fowl Hollow (Water Bird and a Lightning Bird)

(Will add more as the time goes on)

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