Toshizo Hijikata
Status alive
Race Oni
Gender Male
Family none
Professional Status
Base of Operations Hell
Affiliation Oni Clan
Position Vice-Captain of the Rasetsu

Toshizō Hijikata is one of the strongest Rasetsu. While he is de-jure the second-in-command of the Rasetsu unit after the leader, Kondou Isami, he is the one does most of the work in keeping the Rasetsu together.


Hijikata is a strict disciplinarian to his troops, hence his nickname the "Demon Vice-Commander" (鬼の副長). At the same time, he is very thoughtful and mature and puts the Rasetsu and Oni above everything else; he believes that it is his duty to rule with an iron fist as the shadow behind the Oni´s light. He dislikes accepting help from others and appearing weak, though he will put the survival of the Rasetsu above things like honor.

Hijikata is very serious but does tend to smile occasionally, such as when Saitou returned to the group after an extended absence in the war. He has a lot of respect for women, which is one of his reasons for being so protective. 

Though his troops grumble at his strictness, the Rasetsu highly respect Hijikata and regards him as a true warrior, despite him not beeing a full-blood.



In Rasetsu

Hijikata is very handsome, with long black hair that falls to his waist when not tied up. His eyes are dark purple, and he is about average in height within the Rasetsu, being taller than Saitou but shorter than Okita. Underneath the standard blue haori, cord, and headband, he wears a purple kimono top and grey hakama and carries a katana and wakizashi on his left hip. His sword is an 11th generation Kanesada, an impressive blade, as noted by the Oni.

In Rasetsu his hair turns white and his eyes become red.


Shadow StepEdit

The Shadow Step is the Rasetsu equivalent of the Shinigami´s shunpo but much slower and far less effective than Demon Step. The Shadow Step has only one style completely identical with shunpo.

Shadow EyeEdit

The Shadow Eye is an advanced sensing abilitly of a lower rank than Demon Eye. The Shadow Eye only includes night vision, increased hearing and increased smelling. With loss of his eyesight a Rasetsu is hardly able to fight and would in most cases be eliminated.


Ability 1
Name:  Darkness Trapped in light
Range: Depends on how much light there is
Stat: SEI
Cost: medium
Type: utility
Description Toshizo extends shadows on the ground to his oppoents shadow. Once it comes into contact with a target's shadow, the two merge and the target is forced to imitate the user's movements. For example, the two can throw shuriken at each other at the same time if the user desires that. If the target is out of range, the user can produce a better light source to increase their shadow's size or rely on pre-existing shadows for their shadow to freely travel through. It's also possible to split one's shadow, either to trap more opponents at once, or to create a distraction. The shadow can also be attached to people without binding them, letting the "victim" move freely. Doing that has the purpose that the person, the shadow was attached to, makes contact with a third person, to bind the latter one with the shadow. The major downside of the Shadow Imitation is that it is tiring to use repeatedly; Toshizo can only maintain it for 5 minutes per use). If the user is low on spirit enegry, the performance rate of the technique also deteriorates. Insufficient lighting will make the technique less effective. A particularly strong opponent can also resist the shadow's forced imitation.

Ability 2
Name: Choke out the Light
Range: Also depends on the amount of light
Stat: SEI
Cost: High
Type: offensive
Description:  A technique developed from the Shadow Imitation Technique with combat in mind. It is possible to inflict direct damage to the enemy by transforming and moving shadows endowed with physical power. It is possible to attack body parts like fingers and such by turning the shadow slender and to bind the opponent's body in order to restrain them. It was given its name because, above all else, strangulation is the most efficient method. The smaller the distance to the target, the greater the power of the shadow. This technique cannot be used for an extended period of time, as it weakens with each passing minute.


REI 10
HAK 10 (+3)
SEI 10 (+3)


HOH 13
Base points 60
Earned 0
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 60

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