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The tower on a stormy night

The Onmitsukidō Observatory, is an immensely tall black skyscraper that serves as a portion of the 2nd Division Barracks and headquarters for multiple branches of the Onmitsukidō. Like other OMK facilities, the artificial intelligence Yutoku no Akui keeps things running behind the scenes.


After months of private planning and eventually receiving the green light from then-Captain Commander Rukia Kuchiki, Kagechi Yorutora ordered the contstruction of the tower within the barracks grounds. However, the event was further delayed by the final invasion from the Seraphim. Once their threat was finally dealt with, resources were regathered and project began among the reconstruction efforts for other damaged parts of the barracks.

Primary FunctionsEdit

  • Headquarters for the Patrol Corps, Sabotage Squadron, and Inner Court Troop
  • Research labs, maintenance hall and residence area for the Hanjiton.
  • Contains an extensive armory to replace the one lost during the Seraphim Invasion.
  • Hold auxiliary server for Yutoku no Akui.
  • Defendable fortress during invasion.
  • Provide extra hangar system for Royal Seireitei Air Force ships.

Airship HangarEdit

There is a section of the Observatory built to house and service the airships of the Royal Seireitei Air Force. A pair of floors both consist entirely of a spacious hangars outfitted to accomodate ships of varying sizes and types. Special lifts are also built in between the hangars and the neighboring floors above and below, in which stockrooms for supplies and other mainenence materials are stored. Kagechi Yorutora personally attended to modifying the RSAF's airships so that they could synchronise with Yutoku no Akui, allowing much more efficient automated care for the ships while docked in the hanger.

Defense SystemsEdit



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