Tekken Mijotsu
Status Inactive/Unknown
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'"7.5'
Weight 140 lb.
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Base of Operations Xcution Base
Affiliation Xcution
Position S-Class
Partner None
Fullbring I Wear My Sunglasses at Night


Tekken is a teenage boy, with very intense storm-gray eyes. Although you can't see them, because of his sunglasses. He dresses like a typical Japanese school boy, with a black and white striped tie, and an uneven/messy untucked white button down t-shirt. He wears khaki pants, with a belt, and is always wearing dress shoes. His outfit is similar to Eve Tearm's from Fairy Tail, although there are some major differences, such as different colors, and he doesn't have it that messy.


Tekken tries to act cool, and he is very bellicose. However, he knows his place, and is good at rating his power against others.


I Wear My Sunglasses At Night (Yes, like the song, and imagine him saying it with a very foreign, Japanese accent, like the Xcution members on the show.) His sunglasses start to light up a bit. He captures panorama pictures, and can recall them at any moment. As well as infrared, thermal, night, and underwater vision, Tekken can see almost anywhere, and if he is on a flat plain, he can see a mouse scurrying up to 300 meters away, and in very vibrant detail. The only offensive ability he has is Peculiar Panorama. His glasses emit Bringer Light, and if his target sees the bringer light, he can create illusions for their sight, and overload his brain with colors, or shutdown the target’s brain with stressful images. This is not a physical ability, but rather a visual battle against his opponent.

Bringer ManipulationEdit

Unique Manipulation - Bringer Barrier: Bringer Barrier is a Bringer Manipulation technique that only Tekken can use. Tekken manipulates a warp in light, causing an illusion, this can also be used to suppress spiritual pressure of beings inside the Barrier, and the Barrier is noted to be made of a cloth-like substance. Most regular hollows cannot detect the inside of this barrier.

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