Summer is an arrancar created by Casey Fearthainn as an attempt to create an arrancar that can feel no pain and would a weapon for all of Las Noches to use. He is the first of all of her experiments involiving this goal and is most defiantly not the last.  

Umu by kauen-d7c0sfx
Status Alive
Race Artificial Arrancar
Birthday January 10
Gender N/A
Height 4'11" (Full grown 7'0")
Weight 90lbs
Blood Type Violet
Family Casey (Creator)
Professional Status


Summer is quiet by the fact that he doesn't talk. Not sure if he can talk and just chooses not to, if he doesn't know how or if he's just mute. He is kean on learning, everything his purple eyes servay is just another must know. He was disigned to beable to figure out cassioarios in battle but he does this 24/7. He has a loyalty to Casey that is imposible to break and loves chacing hollows.


Summer has messy green hair cropped around his face, he has pail skin and large violet eyes with no whites and no pupils. He only stands at 4'11" and looks to be about ten, which Casey isn't pleased with. He has a green tale and green ears to match along with his hollow hollow at the center of it collarbone.

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