This spell materiali

The spell being channeled using the sigils on the pages.

zes a specific emotion from the user detaching it from the physical body by channeling that emotion into Reiatsu and manifesting it into a physical shape. This spell requires immense amounts of meditation and spiritual awareness to achieve perfectly. Spiritually aware humans found it difficult to perfect and often detached their entire psyche from the physical being in turn throwing the bodies into comas while their personalities were trapped in manifested forms usually animals. The spell is used mainly to detach emotions that labor the user allowing them better control of their emotions and achieve increased spiritual attunement. This spell unfortunately changes a person’s personality significantly depending on what emotions are detached this can be a positive or even negative thing.

Spell RequirementsEdit


  • Users Blood
  • 'Key Of Oracles' handy; sigil's are already written in the book.
  • 5 minutes

Chant: "Atque descendite ab anima in corpus, et fiunt ab haedis una tibi."


  • Sadako has used this once on herself to seperate her childish emotions from her physical body.

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