Shiranui Kyo
Shiranui portrait
Status alive
Race Oni
Gender Male
Professional Status
Base of Operations Hell
Affiliation Oni clan


Shiranui is of average height and is pretty tan. His hair is dark blue and he wears it in a ponytail. He wears a dark tanktop and black pants. Also he has a cloth around his belt and a long glove on his right arm but with the hand part cut off. On his left shoulder he has a complicated dragon tattoo that also seems to be the source of his power. He wears his man weapon, which is a pistol, in a holster on his front.


Shiranui is a very arrogant and agressive person. And mostly because his bullets are reiatsu he likes to shoot at everything that moves. He follows all of Kazama´s orders but clearly shows if he doesnt like them. In combat he would use every opportunity to taunt and insult his opponent and even if he makes compliments they sound insulting. 

He is practically the exact opposite of Kyuujyu.


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In Oni stage

Demon StepEdit

The Demon Step is the Oni equivalent of the Shinigami´s shunpo but is seen as an advanced high speed movement technique with two different styles. Most Oni are only able to use one of these techniques but there are a few able to use both.


The Preformance based Demon Step gives the user the ability to create a small ammount of speed clones and move at very high speed. Much faster than the Compact Demon Step and way faster than Shunpo.

Demon eyeEdit

The demon eye is an advanced sensing ability that Oni are able to use. It includes night vision, heat vision, sonar, advanced hearing and smelling, and higher sensitivity. Even with both eyes destroyed an Oni is still able to fight close to his full strength using his other senses.

Rasetsu stageEdit

The Rasetsu stage is the first release of on Oni. In most cases the eyes turn red and the hair turns white. In some rare cases other transformations can happen. As Rasetsu an Oni is able to use Demon Step and to spread the Rasetsu to other individuals by biting them.

Oni stageEdit

The Oni stage is the final release of an Oni. In every case the Oni grows horns on his forehead. In this stage an Oni has reached its full strength but is not able to spread Rasetsu.



Akuma no dangan 悪魔の弾丸 (Demon Bullet)

Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat SEI
Range Medium

His gun fires an energy ball that causes a lot of damage to the area surrounding it.

Name Doragon'āmā ドラゴンアーマー (Armored dragon)
Type Melee
Cost None - Low
Stat HAN
Range Short    

The Dragon tattoo on his left arm moves to his hand. His hand then gets covered by an extremely thin layer of something simmilar to hierro. He uses this technique mostly to block.

Name Pantsu~āfausuto パンツァーファウスト  (Panzerfaust)
Type Offensive
Cost High
Range Long

Only usable when second ability is active. Shiranui switches the pistol to his left hand where his armor engulfs the projectile which then shoots at much higher strength than the normal demon bullet.


HAN 17 [+2]
REI 14 (+2)
HAK 14
SEI 17 [+2]
BUK 14 (+2)
HOH 14 (+2)
Base points 90
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 90

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