This arc consists of the revelation that Shinya Tsubasa is a traitor to the Seireitei.

It is currently ongoing.


Important events worth noting.

Shinya shows Mal the kidou he is using to travel through Seireitei.

Shinya gathers a group of shinigami, tricks them into allowing him to demonstrate a kidou then attacks, before revealing himself as a Vaizard and a traitor.

Shinya attacks and kills a Squad 2 member.

Shinya aquires a new Zanpakuto

Shinya apologizes to Panda and confides in her

Shinya brings Higosha back into Seireitei

Shinya kidnaps Tsukine to bring Shin to him

Shinyas accusations cause Mal to take drastic action

Sumiko joins Shinya

Shinya fights Panda to test her, she passes !

Shinya fends off Laxus to save the Rukon

Shinya and Azumi talk, Mal attacks

Shinya gives a progress report to Sumiko

Captain Shin interrogates the people Shinya has been in contact with

Shinya hijacks the Captains meeting


Current knowledge in the Seireitei

- Shinyas kidou dimension

- Shinyas new Zanpakuto

- Shinyas feelings for Sumiko

- Shinya protected Seireitei against arrancar

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