The Runaway Spy
Selika"Naïve! Naïve! That's what you are! Can't you see we're being used? Well, I'm sick of it!"
Status Alive
Reddit Username Selika_Kaiserin
Race Fullbringer
Birthday October 3rd, 1992
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 110 Ibs
Blood Type O
Family Rue Kaiserin (Adoptive daughter)

Miya Rothstein (née Hayashi) (Mother, Deceased)

Anselm Rothstein (Father, Deceased)

Leon Rothstein (Brother)

Professional Status
Base of Operations Unknown
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation CIA (SBO)
Position None
Previous Position CIA Operations Officer
Previous Partner Reno Ichiro (Friend, Deceased)

Raphäel Frémont (Friend)

Eruya Rizaki (Friend)

Ryūta Koizumi (Boyfriend, Deceased)

Partner None
Fullbring Audra

[May possibly be used in the reboot (as an NPC)]

Selika Kaiserin, formerly known as Autumn Rothstein, is a Fullbringer. She used to be one of the five members of the SBO (Superhuman Black Ops) division within the CIA.


Selika is of average height, with pale skin, black hair, and frosted blue eyes. Although she is 22 years old, she appears much younger than she actually is.

Despite her hatred for the SBO, Selika is almost always seen wearing the black, armored uniform that had been tailored for her, which includes: combat boots, fingerless metal-plated gloves, and dark coat and pants. Her reasoning is that even though she had worn the uniform to perform despicable acts, she would be hard-pressed to find such a well-manufactured and comfortable combat attire. The uniform is also useful for hiding weaponry and ammo. Her blue photon blade is clipped through a belt loop at her side, and her gun is holstered at the opposite hip.


Before her participation in the war, Selika/Autumn was a very kind, sweet girl that was admittedly afraid of her own paranormal surroundings. Since joining the SBO and meeting Reno, Raphäel, and later Eruya, Autumn later grew confident and sure of herself and others, leading her to treasure her group of friends as a second family, which later lead to her downfall. However, she is also head-strong and stubborn, unwilling to back down from an argument or mission even if she's at a disadvantage. She can be rather hot-headed at times, and is eager to tackle any challenges or threats that downplay her skills. Despite her rough exterior, Autumn is the most fragile of the five SBO members, often questioning the way the world works and where she stands in it. Though her focus is on the present, her mind often wanders to the future, where she is met with a whirlwind of confusion and uncertainty. It was because of her sense of doubt did she ask to take time off from the SBO, leading her to meet Ren, her first love.

Since Ryūta's death, Autumn has matured, seemingly becoming wiser from the death of a loved one. Her quick temper disappeared, and she soon assumed the role of mediator when it came to bickering. As noted by Leon, she is cunningly clever when it comes to practically anything tactical, be it a clever prank, ruse, or battle tactic. She isn't one that likes wasting a single movement or second. Despite the slight change, her mind became more centered around the future rather than embracing the present. Her doubts about her own life became stronger since the incident at Okinawa, causing her to come to the conclusion that she had no future, or at least, one that she couldn't control and understand.

The steady rise of her doubts and misgivings skyrocketed once she entered the Iraq War in 2011. Upon killing Reno, the overwhelming surge of negativity collapsed upon her, twisting her persona to the point of her taking upon a new name to match the dissonance. Since then, she has become extremely cautious and wary of strangers, finding it hard to trust anyone, lest it leads to more betrayal. Though she hates to admit it, even after a year since the incident in Iraq, she still yearns to reunite with her friends in the SBO; however, this desire is tainted with the twisted objective of killing the same dear friends to free them from the CIA's influence. Despite this mindset, just as before, Selika cannot bring herself to harm innocent people.

The mysterious powers that she had been so proud of are now disgusting in her eyes. Selika felt that it's nothing but a burden, making her a tool of destruction. Since meeting Rue, she has grown to realize that the morals of her powers stems from her own decisions, and thus wants to use it for her own ideals of "good." However, her distaste towards her own powers haven't completely abated.

More than anything, Selika wants to have control over her life, as it was her's, and no body else's. She's under the belief that everything in the work was destined to be exploited, though it is one's choice to be controlled or forge the will to do what one desires. It is for this reason why she has taken an interest in Rue, for she believes that she has the capability to properly rear a gifted child and give her the life that she never had herself.


Blissful Ignorance (Childhood)Edit

Born in the lush forests surrounding Fort Buckner, Okinawa, Autumn Rothstein was born to the young couple of Miyu Hayashi and Anselm Rothstein 25 years ago. At a very young age, she took interest in weaponry due to her dad's weapon business, in which most of his merchandise had the signature "Rothstein," an odd gem that seemed to hold fire within its facets upon exposure to light. She spent her childhood days on the military base, picking up on archery and horseback-riding out of interest, as well as a few self-defense classes at her father's insistence. While her father spent most his time getting shipments down to the base, Autumn would help her sick mother around the house or explore the wilderness with her older brother, Leon, who often fantasized about joining the army. The two would often imagine themselves in war-like scenario, whittling away the hours thinking of cunning strategies, shooting imaginary bullets, and otherwise cake their clothes in mud from exaggerated death scenes.

At the age of eight, Autumn was practicing archery with a curious Leon on the sidelines. While nocking her fifth arrow, she noticed an odd blue spark dancing on the fringes of the swan feathers that fletched it, but passes the occurrence off as a trick of the light. However, instead of striking the bullseye of the target as she had intended, the arrow burnt right through and punched a clean hole through a nearby tree, leaving charred bark and paper in its passage. Naïve and scared, Autumn and Leon dropped everything they were doing and fled the forest, seeking the comfort of their parents.

Her parents were understandably skeptical, but nevertheless ventured into the woods to see the evidence themselves. Even after seeing the charred target, they were still doubtful that their child had "shot a lightning bolt," as Leon had so eloquently phrased it. To rid her parents of their doubts, Autumn attempted to fire another "lightning bolt," this time succeeding in blowing the tree to smithereens.

Autumn and Leon were immediately taken inside the home, and were sternly told to stay in their rooms until supper. In those hours, Miya and Anselm debated what to do with their child, who they had nervously dubbed as a "witch who will be receiving her Hogwarts letter in a few years." In the end, they decided to keep mum about it, clinging on to the false hope that her powers would merely fade away in the coming years. That, and they feared what the military would do once they found out.

The next two years were relatively peaceful, pockmarked by strange occurrences that were easy to cover up. Time and time again did her parents sternly instruct her to behave herself, yet Autumn didn't know how, nor did she understand the possible consequences. However, like the good girl she strove to be, Autmun did her best to reign in her powers when she could. In this span, she continued practicing archery and horseback riding, as well as knife-throwing with Leon.



When she was ten and Leon was twelve, they both received gifts from their father: a hunting knife (which she later named "Audra") and a pistol respectively. While both gifts may seem unequal at first glance, Autumn and Leon didn't mind at all. Autumn didn't care much for firearms, but Leon was obsessed with them.

A week after Autumn's tenth birthday, she and Leon decided to go play with a group of kids from the nearby neighborhood. An argument soon opened up between her and a boy, which then escalated into a scuffle. Spurred by rage, Autumn resorted to electrocuting him. The resulting screams scared off the other kids except for Leon, who believed the boy to be dead. Her brother urged her to run away, the panic in his voice frightening the younger Autumn and causing her to lash out, leaving a wound running down Leon's face.

Thankfully, Anselm and Miya had been nearby on an errand. As a former nurse, Miya immediately tried to resuscitate the unconscious boy, leaving a stressed Anselm to call the boy's parents and console his own children. Once the ambulance arrived, both the Rothstein and the boy's parents hopped in. Unfortunately, the boy's heart failed and he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Unable to cover up this incident, the Rothstein had no choice but to tick down the days until government officials apprehended them. It was around this time did Miya died to a mysterious illness, leaving behind a distraught father and two young kids. Approximately three days after Miya's death, the odd distortions and wisps of smoke that Autumn had seen since childhood manifested into ghosts, clear as day. The gradual appearance and number of Pluses frightened the young Autumn, leading to many sleepless weeks until a peculiar hand knocked on their door in mid June.

Time in the CIA: Part 1Edit

Matthieu Frémont, as the man introduced himself. He walked into the Rothstein's household with poise, and immediately told them of his orders. As a representative of the CIA, he has been ordered to take both Autumn and Leon with him to their base in Langley, Virginia, where they would be closely monitored in a group of similar individuals called the SBO (Superhuman Black Ops). At this point, it was clear that Autumn's abilities were highly unusual, almost paranormal to government officials. Worried that Leon may show signs of oddity, they requested him to go along with Autumn, as well as requesting Anselm to stay behind to tend to his business, which was crucial to the military base of Fort Buckner.

It was with a heavy heart did Anselm agree, on the condition that he was allowed to visit once a month, the best negotiation he could settle with a rigid Matthieu. By the end of June, Autumn and Leon were gone, with only the clothes on their backs and their recent birthday gifts on their person as they began the long journey to Virginia. Along the way, Mr. Frémont tried his best to be warm and kind towards the young children, even as going far as allowing them to practice their weapons at an abandoned warehouse upon arrival. He even rambled about his own life growing up in Nebraska, as well as filling the children in about his ancestor, John C. Frémont, the Great Pathfinder. However, neither Autumn nor Leon really cared about Mr. Frémont, though Leon did express interest when the man mentioned he had a son that was interested in joining the army.

The next few months were filled with tedious tests and experiments. Everyday, Autumn was subjected to a series of odd experiments, such as tipping over a water bottle with her "mind," a task she was able to accomplish by manipulating the air around the bottle. Even Leon was subjected to these experiments, though results were disappointing until the second month, in which he fired a blast of compressed air with his pistol. Alone in a strange world, Autumn and Leon grew more dependent on each other, growing ever closer all the while, even moreso after Leon's recent incident with his gun.

Anselm also swung by frequently, never missing the opportunity to see his two children, and even resorted to abusing his privileges frequently. Unfortunately, he started visiting less and less due to an illness, then stopped appearing altogether after three months. He had died of a "broken heart," as Mr. Frémont had explained gently, and from that point on, he strove to become their loving guardian, a love that Autumn and Leon embraced and treasured in the coming years.

About four months into their testing, or training as Leon liked to put it, Mr. Frémont introduced them to his 15-year-old son, Raphäel. Immediately, both Autumn and Leon disliked him. Raphäel was arrogant right off the bat, insulting Leon's pistol as soon as his father left them alone. With a smirk, he then showed off the new rifle that Mr. Frémont had gotten him, claiming that it was far superior to Leon's "shitty gun." Enraged at the insult to his father's last gift, Leon cocked his "shitty gun" and fired a blast of compressed air at Raphäel's gut, claiming that despite the obvious superiority between a rifle and a pistol, firing blanks was more than enough to take Raphäel down.

Humiliated and furious, Raphäel leapt back to his feet, but before a fight could break out between the two, another irritated boy barged in and broke it up, swearing all the while. Taking a moment to introduce himself as Reno Ichiro, the redhead then whirled on Raphäel, threatening to "suck his blood" should he ever disturb his nap again. With a discontent grumble, Raphäel obediently left.

As quick as he had appeared, Reno's temper faded away just as quickly. With a good-natured attitude, the 16-year-old boy cheerfully inquired Autumn and Leon on their origins and aspirations. Autumn, having never thought of her future, only mumbled a vague response, to which Reno only laughed heartily. At Leon's answer, in which he admitted in seeking to join the army, Reno's face lit up before he too admitted to sharing the same goal. Not for patriotism, he later pointed out, but mainly because "there wasn't anything better to do."

The rest of that year passed in relative peace. Raphäel no longer bothered them as much, at least, with Reno around. He was grudgingly nice to Autumn, but oddly hostile towards Leon. When Autumn pointed this out to Reno, however, the redhead merely waved it off with a knowing smirk.

Autumn soon found herself hanging out with Reno, Raphäel, and Leon more and more as time passed by. Raphäel became less of a jerk as he warmed up to them, much to Autumn's surprise. Gradually, they opened up to one another more, and as a result of that, Autumn found out why Reno and Raphäel had been apprehended by the CIA. Reno was a Bount, a race of blood-suckers, or "vampires" as he liked to call it. Raphäel was a Quincy, and like Autumn and Leon, had a mother who also passed away due to some mysterious illness.

According to Reno, their purpose for being here was to be a tool to the military, a fate that they could not escape lest they wanted to wind up dead.

Unfortunately, the tests and experiments became increasingly difficult as time went on, but thanks to that, both Autumn and Leon's control over their manipulations strengthened, as did their spiritual awareness. With Mr. Frémont's support, the two were able to have access to a small armory of sorts, filled with a variety of firearms that even made Leon squeal like a pig.


Then came the day Reno turned 17. He was then specifically assigned to the Special Activities Division (SAD) of the CIA, where he was to pass between the Special Operations Group (SOG) and Political Action Group (PAG), or wherever he was deemed useful.


"Would you look at that? I do look suave as hell."

As a last minute goodbye present, Autumn gave Reno some goggles, then jokingly said it would make him more attractive. In truth, it was because Reno hated getting water in his eyes during missions that involved swimming. Nevertheless, Reno accepted the goggles and popped them against his forehead with a good-natured smile, agreeing that it did make him "look suave as hell."

The next year, when Raphäel turned 17, he too was assigned was broadly assigned to the SOG and PAG. During that time span, however, Autumn grew relatively close to him, placing absolute trust in him after Leon. Raphäel had become quite a respectable figure in the CIA, his arrogance replaced by a perceptive and analytical mind that wasn't afraid to speak up. Within that span, he had lost interest in firearms and began making a hobby out of weapon crafting, a love that he later passed on to Autumn.

When the time came for him to leave, Raphäel gave Leon his old rifle, the one that he had taunted him with when they first met. "You can't keep using your shitty gun forever, Leon, lest you want Autumn to surpass you," he had joked. Then for Autumn, he gave her his favorite handgun, insisting that she take it since he would be getting better ones soon. And with one last hug to his father, Mr. Frémont, Raphäel departed for his first mission. "Reno will need all the help he could get," he had explained, then gave a cheesy two-fingered salute, wishing Autumn and Leon luck for the years to come, and that they would be reunited soon enough.

Without Reno and Raphäel, the next three years passed awfully slow. The tests became more arduous as both Autumn and Leon were placed into dangerous simulations that required sharp reflexes, fast wits, and proficiency in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. Fortunately, these scenarios were the perfect catalyst for the two to master their manipulations, which shortly manifested into their first Fullbrings. After that, the tests and simulations doubled in intensity, in an effort for them to master this strange new power.

Before coming of age, they were placed into missions along with the Special Activities Division. These missions included venturing into foreign territories overseas, which included a variety of infiltration and sabotages. It was around this time did Autumn pick up a knack of skydiving from her crazy expenditures, as well as the necessary skills to maneuver a helicopter. Her swordsmanship and firearm skills improved exponentially during this time as she and Leon continued to muddle in deeper and more dangerous affairs. Several times, they would chance upon Reno and Raphäel, whose gifted abilities proved to be a great asset. However, their brief reunions were always sprinkled with tension and formalities, wrought from the nature and tension of their environment. This lead to a rift in their friendship, a gap that would never fully mend.

A Slice of NormalcyEdit

As time passed, Autumn began to doubt the CIA, taking Reno's words to heart that they were in fact nothing but tools and lab rats. She brought her concerns up with Leon, who admittedly felt the same way, though couldn't offer any solutions to her worries. The more Autumn thought about it, the more frightened she became. To her, the rest of her life was doomed to secrecy; no one but the government would know who she was, and no one but the government would mourn her passing. No one would ever know about gifted humans, and no one would be aware of what she and her friends had done for the sake of humanity. It was around the time Leon was officially inaugurated within the ranks of the Special Activities Division did Autumn realize what she wanted to do.

And there was no one better to ask than Mr. Frémont. The man, while her fatherly figure, was hesitant at first to grant her request: to take a leave of absence, for approximately one year. And within that small window of time, Autumn planned to have a taste of a normal life, the life she had before she had fired her fifth shot.

It was only because of Mr. Frémont's persistence that Autumn was granted a furlough, though it came with a small price. Before she departed for home back in Okinawa, Japan, she had to have a microchip implanted, which would track down her movements at all times. And everyday, she had to report to the Director over an earpiece that must be worn daily. But best of all, Mr. Frémont had to accompany her. Autumn agreed to these terms without complaint, and by the end of next week, she was gone.

Without the CIA's protection, Autumn began to notice very strange things. Most notably, the presence of monsters. The usual ghosts were fine to her, since many of them were friendly, but it wasn't until the ghost of a small girl was eaten in front of her by a serpentine monster did Autumn realize the brutality and fear in the world that she and a few others can see. It was both a blessing and a curse.

Of course, to protect Mr. Frémont, Autumn mentioned nothing about the monsters and ghosts. She tried to ignore them altogether, but for some odd reason, the monsters always seemed to know where she was. Only in those circumstances would she drop her oblivious façade and eliminate them herself. Sometimes, she would see humans dressed up in odd kimonos zipping through the air, which further worried Autumn. This constant worry over her environment and its dangers was the main factor as to why her spiritual awareness sharpened the next year.

And in that span, she and Mr. Frémont rented a small house near Fort Buckner, roughly five miles away from her childhood house, a place that Autumn visited often. The poor tree she had blasted with a lightning-enhanced arrow was still as ruined as ever, something that Autumn had noted on one of her visits. It was a bittersweet place to visit, but one that she couldn't afford to avoid forever.

After a month of exploring and enjoying herself in Okinawa, Autumn decided to enroll in the nearest high school. It was in her first period class where she met Ryūta Koizumi, and after their initial meeting, something clicked. About three months later, they agreed to be a couple, and the next year was filled with some of the most memorable memories that Autumn holds to this day. On several occasions, Autumn would visit the city graveyard, where she discovered the graves of her parents and the boy she had electrocuted five years ago. Ryūta would come with her often to pay his respects, though he never did ask the story behind their deaths, which Autumn was grateful for.

Despite this, however, Autumn continued to grow wary of the mysterious events around her: the influx of ghosts, the appearance of monsters, and the kimono-clad samurais that would zip around in a blur. Unable to confide her worries to Mr. Frémont or Ryūta, Autumn decided to take action. She soon learned that the ghosts, monsters, and samurais each gave off a different "energy," which she later dubbed as "souls." Whenever she picked up on the soul of a monster, Autumn hastily made up an excuse to cut class to reach the location of the soul. Why? To observe. It was obvious that monster could neither be sensed or seen by regular humans—and she was certainly no ordinary human—so perhaps there was some way for her to eliminate them? It couldn't hurt to try. She didn't wish to see another ghost devoured by those monsters.

As Autumn began to cut class more and more to observe these monsters, she began to see more of the samurais, too, always fighting the monsters before things got nasty. On one night in particular, Autumn snuck out of her home to observe a samurai and monster nearby. There had been a short samurai, a female no doubt, who had been oddly calm despite the shortness of her own stature in comparison with the six-foot-tall monster that had dominated the streets. Then the night disappeared in a flash of white as the samurai drew her sword, and in one fell swoop, eliminated the monster with one stroke. Amazed and admittedly fearful of the sight, Autumn quickly left the scene, having finally observed enough to dare approach one of those monsters herself. From that day on, Autumn has labeled the samurais as "monster hunters."

The next morning, Autumn bid Mr. Frémont a nervous farewell before hotfooting from their rented home, towards school. However, instead of meeting up with Ryūta at his home as she usually did, Autumn decided to go to the park, which was fortunately empty. And there, she waited. And waited. And waited. At last, a monster presented itself to her, sporting two thick claws and scaly armor. Pushing aside her fears, Autumn released Audra, and coupled with an augmented jump, slashed the monster through the mask as she had often see the monster hunters do. To her surprise, the monster collapsed at her feet before disintegrating. Seeing how easy it was to kill the monsters, all the unnecessary agitation that had build within her the past few months were lifted. And from then on, Autumn continued to cut class on a regular basis, just to eliminate those monsters before the monster hunters came.

It soon became a chore, one that fit snugly with the remainder of her schedule. About a month after her daily routine, the number of monster hunters decreased substantially, though Autumn paid no mind. It only made it more fun for her.

However, her little secret couldn't be kept forever. Ryūta caught wind of her activities soon enough, and about three months into Autumn's routine, confronted her just as she was deactivating her Fullbring. Unlike with Mr. Frémont, Autumn couldn't bring herself to lie to Ryūta. In the end, she confessed everything except her time in the CIA, which she doesn't bother mentioning at all. Although Ryūta was suspicious of her tale, he soon had to accept it as unexplainable occurrences began to pop up in the following months. Everything ranging from monsters, ghosts, and the monster hunters themselves—Autumn did her best to explain them to Ryūta as time went on.

A week after Autumn's 16th birthday, Ryūta was admitted to the hospital for an unexplainable illness. Autumn made sure to visit him everyday, always with a new bouquet of flowers and words of encouragement. On several occasions, Mr. Frémont would visit too, though any form of communication between him and Ryūta banked on formalities and uneasiness–no doubt to their unfamiliarity with each other and their shared awareness of the supernatural humans that lived their world. Much to Autumn's dismay, Ryūta's condition continued to deteriorate. Not even her own manipulations over electricity could alleviate his illness. With his last breath, Ryūta entrusted her with a letter, along with a few words of apologies and stating that the words within the letter held the fragments truths of that he failed to give her during their time together. It was with a heavy heart did Autumn accept the letter, and watch him pass away on a spring morning.

The day after Ryūta's death, sick with grief, Autumn called upon Audra again to slay the monsters that roamed the streets. However, instead of being met with the usual photon sword, Autumn was met with an earth-shattering explosion as Audra seemingly backfired. This setback sent Autumn into a coma for roughly a month in the nearest hospital. When she awoke, she found herself face-to-face with a grave Mr. Frémont, along with a newspaper clipping behind the explosion. The media had written it off as a misplaced grenade, a plausible explanation due to the military base in the vicinity. The blast induced by Audra resulted in 19 deaths and one injured. Appalled by the sudden destruction that she had wrought, Autumn realized she had no choice but to explain the strange occurrences to Mr. Frémont. Everything about the ghosts, monsters, and monster hunters—Autumn told the man everything she had seen and witnessed during their stay in Okinawa. Mr. Frémont only sighed before stating they had to return to the CIA. With the newfound knowledge of spiritual entities and the unexplainable setback incurred by Audra, it was no longer safe to remain living amongst regular humans.

Time in the CIA: Part 2Edit

Once the CIA was informed about the spiritual entities and recent mishap, instead of being sent on another mission, Autumn was immediately taken for questioning and testing for the remainder of the month due to her injuries. Autumn remained truthful throughout, doing her best to describe the various monsters she had seen as well as the monster hunters. When asked to describe a monster hunter, Autumn hesitated before retelling the scientist of the short monster hunter she had encountered back in Okinawa, a tale that the scientist dubiously recorded.

After having a taste of normal life and having lost it shortly after, Autumn began to long for normalcy once more. Her earlier doubts about the CIA returned in full force as she began to question her future. A future that she quickly realized didn't exist—at least, a future that she couldn't control, one that she couldn't understand.

In his spare time, Mr. Frémont would always visit and give Autumn updates, and would just generally talk about his day. While Autumn appreciated the gesture, she couldn't help but feel rather lonesome being stuck in the headquarters; without Leon, Reno, and Raphäel, it just wasn't the same.

Roughly two months into her recovery, Raphäel returned. As soon as he walked into Autumn's hospital ward, she immediately smothered him in a hug, blabbering all the while about his well being, friends, amongst other things. When she finally gave him room to breathe, Raphäel explained that Reno and Leon were doing well, and were currently partaking in a rather difficult mission to flush out a potential terrorist. As for himself, he had been assigned a relatively easy task, one that he had rushed through in order to free up some time to visit the headquarters. Ecstatic, Autumn inquired about his stay, to which he responded proudly that he was to stay for three months.

By the end of the first month, Autumn had made a full recovery. However, she was reluctant to call upon Audra again, fearful of another explosive accident, a concern that was echoed by both Raphäel and Mr. Frémont. So instead, she decided to pick up on archery, a habit that she had abandoned before being taken in by the CIA. As a Quincy, Raphäel gave her some helpful pointers, while also showing off every chance he got. But with time, Autumn's skills with a bow improved tremendously.

The two hung frequently during the course of the next two months. After getting bored with bows, Autumn moved on to improve her skills with firearms, a motive that Raphäel mirrored as well. Also during that time, Raphäel decided to teach Autumn how to craft weapons—only after the latter wistfully mentioned the lack of "kaboom" in shooting down dummies. It was only after Autumn successfully crafted her first nail bomb did she began to take an enthusiastic interest in the craft, a thirst which Raphäel did his best to slake.

Over the course of five years, a new member joined their ranks: a young girl named Eruya Rizaki. During these years, all five members of the SBO began to gather more frequently, though the relationship seemed different. Everyone seemed to get along with Eruya in particular, including Autumn herself; after all, it was a relief to finally see a new face. It didn't take long for her to regard Eruya as a younger sister.

By the time December rolled around, they all received a notice about an urgent mission—one which later proved to be the hardest one yet.

Disunity in the Warzone (Desperation)Edit

After packing up her bag and strapping Audra to her hostler, Autumn heads over to the waiting room where Raphäel and Mr. Frémont awaited her. There, Mr. Frémont fills them in on the nature of their mission; to infiltrate the war-torn Iraq, collect intel and sabotage their forces, then destroy any signs of uranium enrichment plants before heading towards a designated area to be airlifted back to safe grounds. Unlike previous debriefings, however, Mr. Frémont was oddly subdued, an observation that Autumn quickly dashed aside as she affirmed her understanding at her fatherly guardian's prompting.

Once the helicopter arrived to take them, Autumn bid farewell to Mr. Frémont as she boarded after Raphäel. A tear seemed to trail down his face as they took off, though whatever concern she had for Mr. Frémont quickly disappeared as Raphäel began discussing various strategies. Their conversation, while meaningful, soon delved into mental scenarios to calm their nerves as they approached closer to their destination. Then, silence pervaded them as they waited out the remaining hours of their stealthy flight. It was under the cover of the night did trouble strike.

They still had three hours before an explosion rocked the snowy night. Autumn had been dozing off when the tail of the aircraft was blasted off. Without so much as a second thought, she quickly took threw on her bag and parachute before handing Raphäel the necessary items as well. With the tail gone, only a few minutes, if not seconds remained for them to escape before their attackers blasted them to smithereens.

After pushing an unsteady Raphäel out in front of her, Autumn was about to jump when the helicopter exploded. She had just enough time to activate Audra out of panic, to witness an odd shadow lick at her clothes, before a blinding explosion shattered the night.

When she awoke, Autumn found herself skewered in a tree with two broken ribs, an arm, and a pounding headache... As well as facing the end of a decorative gun wielded by a timid, black-haired civilian woman. The woman, undaunted by Autumn's photon sword and odd attire, demanded the items in her backpack.

Weakened and on the verge of losing consciousness in the cold, Autumn did the only thing she could do. From her time in the CIA, she has learned a great multitude of things, as well as an extensive code of conduct that must be obeyed. After a moment of hesitation, Autumn raised her unbroken arm out, as though pleading for mercy, before letting loose a bolt of lightning to pierce the woman's heart. Sickened by the kill, Autumn slowly cut herself from the tree with Audra before releasing its power, allowing the black attire to vanish before picking up the woman's weapon. After healing her wounds as much as she could, Autumn managed to walk a mile in the snow before collapsing, lamenting the failure of her mission before passing out from her wounds.

She awoke a week later in a bed inside an unfamiliar building, with her wounds stitched and bandaged. It didn't take long for her to notice an elderly woman at her bedside, rocking happily in a makeshift rocking chair while knitting something in her hands. Terribly confused by her situation, Autumn tentatively what the elder was making. The elder only smiled, showing crooked teeth before explaining that she was knitting a scarf. Before Autumn could inquire further, the elder went on to say that they were inside an orphanage, and that she was the caretaker. Then, in a subdued tone, she informed Autumn that she was aware that she was apart of the US military, then asked if she was going to destroy the orphanage. Appalled by the idea, Autumn denied it, saying that it was unforgivable to slaughter children. Pleased at the response, the elder smiled before admitting that she was glad to have saved her instead of leaving her out to die. When Autumn asked why the elder had saved her, the old woman merely shrugged before saying that at the time, she had seen Autumn as a human being, not as as enemy.

Remembering her mission, Autumn politely thanked the elder before firmly stating that she had to go. However, the elder refused, saying that Autumn was far too weak to leave. Unable to sway the elderly woman, Autumn finally relented and allowed herself to be led to an adjacent room where the orphans played. Taking the elder's advice to relax, Autumn decided to interact with the orphans, and after a moment of hesitation, decided to also give them the rest of her food rations. Amongst the orphans, there was one in particular that stood out; a lone, dark-haired girl sitting in the corner, isolated from everyone else. At Autumn's inquiry, the elder sadly gave her the story; that girl had arrived the day before with her frantic mother, who only paused long enough to frantically request her daughter's safety, before venturing back to who knows where. It was then the elder absentmindedly mused that the mother had looked remarkably similar to Autumn. Remembering the woman she had killed, Autumn tentatively asked the elder if the mother had any other defining characteristics, to which the elder stated there was one: the mother had been holding a particularly ornate handgun.

Two days later, the elder finally permitted Autumn to leave. Feverishly thanking her once more, Autumn took her leave, bidding farewell to each orphan on her way out. When she approached the girl, however, all she got was a blank and chilling expression.

Rested and determined to finish up her mission, Autumn quickly makes her way towards the nearest military base, using the best of her stealth and capabilities to skillfully maneuver around the warzone and soldiers. Along her way, Autumn tried to contact Raphāel via ear piece, only to receive an odd buzzing in return. With no other way to contact them, Autumn chose to infiltrate the military base, to see if either one of them had managed to tamper with it enough. Autumn spent the remainder of the day sneaking about, managing to acquire a spare uniform and misplaced ID to make her task easier. By eavesdropping and conversing in conversations, as well as checking in on the higher ups and armory, Autumn finally deduced that none of her friends had managed to complete the "sabotage" portion of their objective. Worried and daunted about what had befallen her friends, Autumn decided to carry on, collecting as much intel as she could from her stay. On her way out, however, Autumn was caught by the security system, which had managed to find a faulty virus in her ID. Not wanting to get captured and interrogated, Autumn attempted to flee. Before she could bring out Audra, however, she was outflanked and taken down.

Tragedy in the Warzone (Betrayal)Edit

When Autumn came to, she found herself in a jail cell, securely shackled to a wooden chair. Aside from that, the dim lighting, bloodstained floors, and claw marks were enough indications for Autumn to realize she was in a torture room. A gruff, broad-shouldered man stood before her, proudly garbed in an uniform that showcased his strength and ranking within the military. In broken English, he aggressively asked for her identity and purpose, both of which Autumn responded to with a spiteful laugh. Unwilling to endanger and friends and the CIA, Autumn tried her best to remain stony throughout the ensuing torture.

After four hours, her captor finally left, fuming, leaving Autumn alone, drenched and bloody from the onslaught. However, despite the pain, Autumn felt a fierce outpour of pride; throughout it all, she hadn't uttered a single, crucial detail. Not even waterboarding could pry the answers from her lips, though it later proved to have disastrous effects as Autumn would later find out. When night fell, Autumn took the chance to heal her wounds and rest sparingly. Then, she made her move. With a clever manipulation, Autumn broke free from her restraints then unlocked the door to her cell. No sooner had she done that, Autumn quickly incapacitated the guards outside her room before slinking off towards the dark corridors in search of her possessions. By the time she properly armed herself, the alarms sounded. The heavy footsteps of soldiers echoed around the base, though Autumn took her time. Using the best of her time and skills, Autumn quickly restocked her food supplies and searched through the rest of the torture cells before finally taking her leave quietly. Raphāel hadn't been captured.

At a loss for what to do, Autumn was about to make her way back to the orphanage to mentally recover from the ordeal when her ear piece suddenly came to life. Raphāel's voice thundered in her ear, relief and concern saturating his tone as Autumn responded in kind. Keeping her answers curt, Autumn was able to quickly deduce the situation from Raphāel; after the helicopter crash, Raphāel had managed to safely land. Unfortunately, he had landed drastically off target, and had spent a week on foot navigating through the small skirmishes and enemies to reach the military base that Autumn had infiltrated. Before he could, however, Mr. Frémont contacted him and urged him to find the next base, which was situated near Lake Tharthar. And during the entire time, Raphāel had tried to contact Autumn—and until that moment, he had thought she was dead until her voice echoed softly from his own ear piece.

Confused by the details, Autumn was about to further inquire about Raphāel's situation when her attention was rudely snatched by the sound of an earth-shattering explosion. Looking back, Autumn then noticed why Mr. Frémont had urged his son to avoid the base; at that moment of realization, the base was engulfed in flames, as though a fiery explosive had been set in the center. But how and why that had happened, Autumn did not know. She then gave Raphāel a single instruction: to wait for her at Lake Tharthar so they could tackle the next military base together.

At the break of dawn, feeling more well-rested than the day before, Autumn made her way to Lake Tharthar at breakneck pace, accentuating each step with a augmented jump whenever she could. Several times, she tried to contact Mr. Frémont or Raphāel, to no avail. It was early afternoon by the time she spotted Raphāel, however. Right away, Raphāel filled Autumn in on the orders he had received an hour prior: infiltrate the military base, collect intel, sabotage, then head towards a designated area to be airlifted back home. All without being detected.

Once they've taken an inventory of their remaining supplies, Autumn and Raphāel quietly slipped into the base. With the shadow of her past experience clouding her judgement, Autumn begged Raphāel that they stick together, to which the latter gently refused out of practicality. Having no other choice but to comply, Autumn begrudgingly agreed. Upon separation in a secluded area, Autumn took a quick detour and donned a military outfit she had procured off a corpse in a ditch the day prior. This time, however, Autumn chose to embark without the use of an ID.

She hadn't been snooping long when the alarm sounded. Slightly panicked, though oddly composed, Autumn quickly switched on the ear piece that Raphāel had told her to hid before their separation. Static met her ears. Cursing her luck, Autumn quickly ditched her efforts to hack into their intel and began to calmly backtrack to where she had last seen Raphāel.

Despite the calmness that she so crucially had to convey, Autumn couldn't help but wield her handgun apprehensively as she swept by the flow of marching soldiers. They were pouring out of every corridor and office, brows knitted together in fury, fury wrought by being played by a supposed intruder. To her relief, she managed to find Raphāel, who had also aimlessly followed the crowd. Without so much as a nod or whisper, Raphāel solemnly handed over a cloak before donning one himself. Taking his lead, Autumn mimicked his movements; subtle and without a trace, they broke off from the main group and hotfooted to a exit near the back.

They would have made it out safely, had a stray soldier didn't see them coming. A cowl covered his face, connected by a cloak that fell to his ankles. Before Autumn or Raphāel could react, the soldier rushed at them, harshly stating that guinea pigs should stay in their cages. Knowing that the best way out of the situation was to eliminate the soldier and commotion, Autumn quickly adjusted her gun, the one she had been clutching apprehensively onto the entire time. An ornate handgun, one that she had filched off the corpse of a mother. And, as many years of practice dictated, Autumn shot the soldier clean through the head. The cloak slipped off her head at the slight recoil, and without hesitating, Autumn grasped Raphāel's fumbling arm and urged him to run out the exit. Before they could push on however, a hollowed boom rang out the opposite hall. The bullet lodged itself in Autumn's shoulder. Cocking the gun back, Autumn swiftly turned to return the favor as her attacker's footsteps echoed heavily through the hall, releasing a rumbling howl of what can only be perceived as anguish and hate.

At the sight of her, the attacker immediately stumbled to a stop. Unlike the one lying dead on the ground, his face was uncovered. It was Leon. Her brother.

Feeling her blood run cold, Autumn dropped all pretenses of hostility and sank to her knees, numbed with shock. Without uttering a word to her brother, she crawled on all fours to the soldier she had slain, feeling his blood soak through her clothes. Then she pulled back the cowl that had hidden his face.

It was Reno.

Time in the CIA: Part 3 (Fallout)Edit

The remaining four members of the SBO were safely airlifted back. Not a single word was spoken between them on the flight, not until their reports were written and they were gathered within the privacy of the SBO headquarters. There, Autumn quietly told them of Reno's death. Immediately, Leon exploded into a fit of grief-stricken rage, forcing the blame onto Autumn and Raphäel, for their sloppy work lead to Reno's death. Raphäel in turn was quick to defend their actions, while Eruya was awkwardly shoved into the background of the ferocious argument. Instead of bursting into tears, or feeling much of anything, Autumn felt numb to the world, aside from a dull anger throbbing at the core. Looking upon her friends once more, she began to feel an inkling of distrust, unfamiliarity; these people, even her own brother, were no longer the people she had once loved. Complete and utter strangers. As the argument began to culminate into a fist fight, Autumn stood up, silencing the hate-filled room with an uncanny calmness, before abruptly stating that she was tired and was going to bed. Ignoring Leon's angry sobs, Autumn retired to her room, where she spent a restless night pondering her loss of innocence and the effects of war.

The next day, strengthened by a new will, Autumn confronted Mr. Frément. With her new mindset, she didn't hesitate to wound him to pry the answer out of the fatherly figure, who finally spilled the beans: the underlying objective of the mission was to eliminate four out of the five SBO members, out of fear of them becoming too powerful and rebellious in the future. Only Eruya was given the correct information to her bases, and was explicitly told to disrupt the communication network between the bases—which ran on the same frequency as the earpieces that Autumn and Raphäel used to communicate with. Reno was told to blow up the base that Autumn and Raphäel were supposed to destroy, which was meant to eliminate them both; though due to a change of heart, Mr. Frémont disobeyed orders to lead his son to another base. After that, Reno was meant to regroup with Leon to attack the base that Raphäel was redirected to, under the false pretense in destroying an organization similar to the SBO, though trained for ill purposes. Reno and Leon were meant to be overpowered and killed there, though due to Autumn and Raphäel interfering, the plan went amiss. And to ensure that the mission went as precisely as possible, the CIA kept track of their locations via the tracking microchips embedded inside each SBO members' flesh.

Sobbing still, Mr. Frémont then admitted that because of his meddling, he was likely to be assassinated. Then he begged Autumn to kill him, as he felt that since he had only cared for his son's safety and not hers, she had every right to end his life. Distraught and enraged by the true nature of the mission, Autumn coldly refused, stating that Mr. Frémont deserved to suffer for his weakness.

She then left Mr. Frément, reeling with such confusion and denial that, without telling anyone, hijacked a helicopter to return to Iraq, to see the evidence of the mission herself. In the process, she turned Audra on herself, using the dagger's serrated edge to carve the microchip out, while using her own manipulations to cauterize the wound.

Farewell, Autumn Rothstein (Return to the War)Edit

Knowing that the CIA would be on her tail, Autumn quickly ditched and destroyed the helicopter upon arrival, leaving only her old microchip in the remains. She then spent the next week trekking through the snow, secretly searching each of the bases that had been detailed in her last mission. Driven by the wrath of loss from killing Reno, Autumn cast caution to the wind as her hunger for information grew, leading her to take unnecessary risk such as holding soldiers hostage for cruel interrogation.

Along the way, she began to learn bits and pieces of the CIA's attempt to recapture her. From the soldiers' information, Autumn was quickly able to deduce the plan: only one SBO member would be sent to capture her. It wasn't hard to guess who either. It was to either kill or be killed—or even worse—return to the CIA as a tool of destruction, a prison for a languishing soul. Broken by the betrayal of her friends, her family; believing them to be brainwashed, Autumn made a new resolve: to live her life the way she wants to, without being restrained by the high expectations of the CIA. She no longer wanted to take the lives of innocent people. From that point on, Autumn decided to throw away the past and live for her own sake. There was only one obstacle standing in her way.

It upon a snow-covered plateau under a stormy sky did Autumn meet the SBO member sent to retrieve her: Eruya Rizaki. Not a word passed between them. A fork of lightning split the clouds momentarily before collapsing upon itself from a thunderclap. After a few seconds, Autumn irritably asked the younger girl if she had come to die, as it was obvious that she was at a disadvantage. Instead, Eruya calmly inquired if Autumn had really killed Reno, to which Autumn refused to respond. In return, Autumn asked if Eruya had any goals outside the SBO, to which the silence was returned. Letting loose a hollow laugh, Autumn called her naïve, mocking her on her innocence and inability to see the true nature of the SBO and the cruelness of humanity. She then goes on to declare that they were cursed from the very moment they were born, saying that they were too different to fit anywhere else in society, thus being forced to conform to CIA standards. They were nothing but guinea pigs as Reno had put it, or trained dogs with no minds of their own. Before she could go on, Eruya interjects, begging Autumn to civilly return, as it was obvious that she wasn't herself. "We can talk about this back home. Just please come back, we're all really worried about you," were Eruya's last words before an explosion pierced the night, followed by gunshots.

As she was sent flying, Autumn quickly regained her footing, just barely catching a glimpse of an unmoving Eruya before fleeing the decimated plateau. It didn't take long for her to lose track of her pursuers. To be safe, Autumn continued to trek on, allowing her feet to guide her rather than her mind. To her surprise, she chanced upon the remains of the orphanage. The kids were all gone. The elder was gone.

The only evidence of what had occurred were scraps of clothing, dried blood, and the reishi remnants of Reno and Leon.

On the Run (Selika Kaiserin)Edit

Upon closer inspection, Autumn recognized a distortion in the snowfall, as well as the small silhouette of a child in the distance. It turned out to be Rue, who was manipulating the snowfall with gentle gusts of winds from her palms. She didn't speak, only looking at Autumn with questioning eyes. At that moment, Autumn realized what she was seeing; a gifted child such as herself, born with the curse that ran through all the SBO's blood.

A sudden surge of protectiveness overwhelmed her then, forcing Autumn to add another objective: to properly rear a child with gifted powers, not as a tool of war, but as a genuine human being who shouldn't fear being different. This was a chance for her to give another child a life that she never had. With a strange undertone unlike herself, Autumn quietly asked Rue if she had a place to go. Upon receiving a satisfactory answer, Autumn asked Rue to accompany her, stating firmly that she will do everything she can to protect her. She then explained her predicament slowly and carefully, wanting Rue to understand the implications and danger in following her. To her pleasant surprise, Rue happily agreed, stating that wherever she may end up with Autumn, it was better than the life here.

After being broken down physically and mentally and building herself back up, Autumn Rothstein was completely different than the young girl that had first walked into the CIA. Aware of this epiphany, upon Rue asking her name, Autumn gave the very first name that came into mind, the name of a protagonist in her favorite novels: Selika Kaiserin.

Selika and Rue both left Iraq together, taking upon themselves to see the entire world for themselves. Not just out of curiosity, however, but also because it was risky to stay in one place for long, lest they wanted the CIA to find them. Along the way, Selika gently guided Rue in controlling her powers, teaching her the way the world works and that beauty and ugliness can coexist in such a vast world. And so a year passed in this fashion, full of wondrous events and close encounters with authorities, bringing us to the present day...


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsman: When her Fullbring was incomplete, Selika had to exclusively rely on her swordsmanship and reflexes to complete her missions with minimal injuries. She is mostly self-taught, her skills stemming from a decade worth of experiences with Audra in some of the worst-case scenarios. As such, her form grew to be unorthodox and unpredictable, yet oddly effective when the situation calls upon it.

Firearms Specialist: Though not as skilled as her brother, Leon, Selika has shown to be highly proficient with a variety of firearms. She is capable of handling a sniper rifle to an impressive degree, although her preferred firearm is a shotgun. Additionally, due to her time as a CIA operations officer, she is also quite skilled in combat tactics and covert operations, and is able to properly clean and reassemble a standard issue firearm in record time.

Enhanced Speed: Selika prizes herself most on her speed, which is further augmented by "Bringer Step," which allows her to control the speed and height of her jumps by pulling on the soul of the concrete or air. She mixes her Bringer Step with her hand-to-hand combat, which enables her to perform crazy acrobatic maneuvers in the midst of battle. The color of her Bringer Light is black, with flecks of light blue.

Hand-to-Hand Expert: Due to the training she received from the CIA, Selika has shown proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. Although it is not often used, Selika is not afraid to abuse a mixed arsenal of martial arts, manipulations, and Bringer Step to take the upper hand in battle. With the addition of her grappling hook gauntlet, her versatility in combat is even more frightening.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Through multiple experiments and tests done on her, combined with her experiences in covert operations, Selika has gradually refined her spiritual pressure over the years. Her reiatsu roughly exceeds that of an average captain's, but she is terrible in concealing it. The possibility of masking her own reiatsu hadn't really occurred to Selika. Until now.

Spiritual Awareness: During her stay with the CIA, Selika's spiritual awareness has sharpened over the years. The odd wisps and distortions she had seen in her childhood gradually became more opaque and humanoid, and by the time she turned twelve, there was no difference between the average Soul and a human. By 13 years old, Selika was able to differentiate between the living and dead, as well as Hollows and Shinigami. Now at the age of 22, Selika's spiritual awareness is on par with that of a captain, with being able to pinpoint a person's location with pinpoint accuracy.

Archer: Since she was raised in an area with dense forests, Selika has grown to love archery, having to rely on it to hunt. Her Fullbring powers first manifested in an electricity-enhanced arrow. Although, due to her time in the CIA, Selika had little opportunities to use a bow. Guns usually proved more effective in combat; however, she has had some experiences with crossbows during her stay in Iraq.

Horseback Rider: Selika began riding horses at a very young age. She started enthusiastically taking lessons at the age of eight, and stopped when she was taken into the CIA at the age of ten. Since then, she only rode horseback on a few missions.

Weapon Crafter: Intrigued by Raphäel's love of weapon crafting, Selika began taking an interest as well and with some help, managed to learn how to make all sorts of makeshift items such as shivs, bombs, and molotov cocktails. This skill of hers has proven to be essential to her and Rue's survival during the events of the zombie apocalypse.


Audra: In its sealed state, it is a damascus hunting dagger that was given to Selika on her tenth birthday. The hilt was carved from an antler, and evidently worn from use. In its incomplete state, sparks of blue electricity would dance about the blade all the way to the hilt, coating it completely and molding it into a photon sword. Now that her Fullbring is complete, the transformation doesn't stop there. Instead of solely being concentrated on the blade, electricity would spark off her clothes as well, leaving behind dark fabric in its wake. As the last bit of sparks fade away, they would leave behind a dark overcoat, gloves, a white breastplate, and other smaller plates of armor. While the attire may seem easy to cut through, it is actually reinforced with a flexible, thin type of steel that flows easily with the fabric.

Blast SurgeEdit

Name Blast Surge
Type Offensive
Cost Low - High
Range Long
Description By channeling her reiryoku through the photon sword, Selika can fire off lightning-enhanced, reishi blasts at opponents. The size can range anywhere from a thin, lazar to a thick, wide-spread Cero. Additionally, she can condense the blast into a thin arc of reishi that follows the direction of her sword stroke.

Light BladeEdit

Name Light Blade
Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat REI
Range Close - Long
Description Increases the length of the photon sword from anywhere up to five meters to fifteen meters. At most, Selika can extend it to fifty meters, but to do that is taxing and is only used out of combat. In one of her missions as a CIA operations officer, Selika had to resort to bisecting a skyscraper with this ability to make a getaway.

Electric ArmorEdit

Name Electric Armor
Type Offensive/Defensive
Cost Medium
Stat REI
Range Close
Description Upon activation, Selika covers herself with a coat of condensed lightning. Anything that touches her in this form will be shocked or burned. If anything conductive strikes her, the lightning currents would flow back to her attacker.


Name Description Level
Static Walk By manipulating the electromagnetic fields below her feet, Selika can utilize static electricity to crawl, walk, and run up walls and other flat surfaces. 15
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 25
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 25
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 40
(Put something super creative here) Blahblahblah 40
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 50
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 50
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 50
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 60
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 60
Manipulation name Describe your manipulation. 60


Selika carries all of her equipment in a backpack she had received from the CIA. The only weapon that cannot fit snugly within the confines is her shotgun, which she resorted to slinging it vertically against the side through a leather loop.

  • Selika's backpack
  • Shotgun
  • Handguns
  • Knives 1-3 (4th is Audra)
  • Shotgun (1)
  • Handguns (2)
  • Grappling Hook [Gauntlet] (1)
  • Molotov cocktails (2)
  • Knives (4)
  • First-aid kit (1)
  • Smoke bombs (3)
  • Gas mask (1)
  • Flashbangs (2)
  • Nail bomb (1)


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 10
REI 15
HAK 15
SEI 15
BUK 18
HOH 18
Base points 50
Earned 41 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 91


  • Inspiration behind this OC came from Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us.
  • Selika Kaiserin was originally a Quincy from the Goteimundo RP.
  • Her face claim is (a very feminized) Kirito from Gun Gale Online.
  • Her favorite weather is rainy days.
  • She suffers from PTSD and sleep paralysis
  • Due to the torture done in Iraq, Selika cannot stand getting near large bodies water.


  • TBD

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