Sei Kyonomo came from a long line of Quincy nobles

Sei Kyonomi
Sei Kyonomi
Status Alive
Reddit Username ARAGINGARAB
Race Quincy
Birthday April 8th 1990
Gender Male
Height 5"7
Blood Type Ab
Family Furuto Kyonomi - Father, Deceased

Reiko Kyonomi - Mother, Deceased Ruru Kyonomi - Sister, Alive

Professional Status
Base of Operations Xcution
Affiliation Quincies.
Sealed Weapon Bow
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Sei wears traditional Japanese purple Kimono. His robe which is entirely made out of Reishi can be used for defensive purposes.


Sei is very lazy and laidback, he is also very witty and has a habit of manipulating people. He is very demanding and what he doesn't have, he takes.


Sei was born with his sister in Naruki City, shortly after Sei and Ruru were born, Furuto and Reiko were assasinated by unkown people, thier grandmother, Keito looked after the newly born Kyonomi's and would inherit the family's fortune. 23 years later, after having learned of their perants death and who assinated them, they both trained rigeriously and became proficient in the use of combat.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Reishi ManipulationEdit

Sei has the ability to completely control the Reishi around him freely, he can also increase the amount of flow going into his weapon.

Hirenkyaku: Sei is extremely talented in the use of Hirenkyaku because of the requirments for using Absteigender Pfeil, his Hirenyaku is used to it's utmost limits.


Name: Explodierender Schnitt / Explosivschnitt " Exploding Cut "

Cost: Moderate

Range: Meduim - Long 

Class: 8 Sei

Incantation: Explode with the Light! Explodierender Schnitt / Explosivschnitt

Description: After throwing the Ginto, reishi starts to mold around the Ginto and glows, once near the target the Reishi explodes with protrusions. Given the form of attack, this is useful for dealing with crowds

Absturz des Ruhmes - Crash of the Fame

Reishi Bow

Absturz des Ruhmes

Absturz des Ruhmes is Sei's Spirit weapon. After forming the Bow and solidifying it, Reishi starts to pour into blades and a string of Reishi is formed around the portrusion. Sei then pulls the string and Reishi gets absorbed and then molded into Arrows. Due to it's size, ( 60 Centimeters ) Sei is able to almost instantly form the bow and solidfy it at will.

Spirit Weapon AbilitiesEdit

Absteigender Pfeil or "Decending Arrows": Able to fire arrows that links together with a string of Reishi, after trapping the target and then Hirenkyaku above the target, Sei forms a much larger Arrow and launches towards the enemy accompanied by 4 more arrows that are set around resulting in a large explosion. Due to this technique's power, the usage of this technique is fairly limited.

Name Absteigender Pfeil
Type Offensive
Cost High
Range Long
Stat used Seijuu

Hervorragend Schild der Schatten or "Magnificient Shield of the Shadows"

As the shadow beneath Sei begins to move, it starts to form a wide. Sei can also utilize the shadows of inanimate  objects to use for defensive purposes. This technique can also be used while Sei is off the ground.

Name Hervorragend Schild der Schatten
Type Defensive
Cost Medium
Range Close
State used Seijuu

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