Samuel T. Langston
D-gray-man-lavi-earring-wallpaper"Someday, we all die, I'll gladly die for you."
Status Active/Alive
Reddit Username megustamicrowaves
Race Fullbringer
Birthday 4th of March
Gender Male
Height 5'5
Weight 165 lbs
Blood Type B
Family Parents (RIP)
Professional Status
Base of Operations Naruki City
Affiliation Xcution
Position Member
Fullbring Barrels of Death


Samuel has long red hair which he usually wears upwards, and keeps it up with his bandana, which is black. He has green eyes and wears an earring in his left ear. He's usually seen in semi-casual clothing, a blouse with jeans and a black trenchcoat. He wears two bracelets to resemble both of his parents.


Despite his past, Samuel is a cheerful person, always ready to interact and to jump into stuff. He is also known to get himself into a lot of trouble and has a record at the police. He is also a partyer which makes him outgoing and doesn't like when people are being arrogant.


In his early days, Samuel had a good life in a big house somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, his parents were American citizens but live in Japan because his father's bussiness was more profitable over in Japan.

At early age, his parents both died in a hostage situation. He had gotten armbands from his parents to help him remember them when they weren't around. After they died, he found out that his mother was attacked when she was pregnant by 'an invisible assaulter'. When the police officers told him his parents died, he went into a blind rage and his armbands turned into two revolvers. Out of the revolvers came reishi particles. They weren't using bullets at all. After that he wanted to find out how to control it. He had to fend for himself now because he killed two police officers.

Many years later, he found out about his powers and the abilities he possessed. He could also manipulate several things around them and he could walk in thin air. He then moved to Naruki because he was searched everywhere in Tokyo where he found people like him, who could see these monsters and they led him to Xcution..

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


His Barrels of Death


Barrels of Death

Normally his fullbring looks like two armbands around his hands and when activated, they turn into two cool looking revolvers shooting bullets and his abilities, but don't need to reload.

Lightning ShotEdit


Name Lightning Shot
Type Offensive
Cost Medium (1 turn cooldown)
Stat SEI
Range Long

He can use his revolvers to shoot very fast lightning bolts which are thin as air but stronger than your regular lightning. It is very hard to see due to how thin they are. It pierces through any object or person who has less Samuel's SEI+2 in HAN+REI/2. This ability electrocutes anything it hits so the only way to completely dodge the electrocution effects is just dodging the shot but that's pretty hard because of how hard it is to see.

Grapple ShotEdit

Name Grapple Shot
Type Utility
Cost Low (no cooldown)
Stat BUK
Range Medium (3 story building)

Samuel shoots one or both of his pistols at an object or at his opponent, if hit, a rope made out of reiatsu will attach between the gun and Samuel. He can fire his electricity shot through this rope, making it way easier to electrocute an enemy (torture for life). He can pull rappel towards them or pull them towards him, making flashy moves around the battlefield possible and can make up some nice scenes.

Power ShotEdit

Name Power Shot
Type Offensive
Cost High (2 turn cooldown)
Stat SEI
Range Medium (pistol-range)

He shoots one or both his guns at a target. The bullet then receives more power in its flight towards the target, Growing in power exponentially. If people are hit with these it would be at least three times as effective as opne of his regular bullets. If Samuel is close to his target, the bullet will simply grow stronger faster than normal.


Name Description Level
Empower He charges the next two bullets he fires with explosive power, exploding on impact. 15
Compression Samuel can manipulate an object around him and compresses it to bullet-size. It then disappears and it fired on his next shot. He can do up to max of a small car but it is more taxing than for example a streetlight 25
Fire He manipulates air to make his chambers spin ten times faster, allowing for machinegun-esque firing. 25
Electric Fist He manipulates a nearby electricity source/output and makes the electricity flow into his hands, he can shoot this from his guns, his hands of punch with it. He is not affected by the electricity and he can do this for one turn only. 40
Transport Samuel can hurl an object at his enemies at high speed by drawing out their souls and making them do what he wants, the maximum he can throw is a car. 40
Infuse The air around him closes up random wounds but not healing them, they just don't bleed. Three turn cooldown 50(Locked)
God's Speed Samuel can make one move every three turns that exceeds the speed of his bringer step and leave a clear afterimage to hope and confuse his opponent, he appears behind his opponent at all times when used. 50(Locked)
Boom! His guns fire heat-seeking bullets for three turns. If dodged it will make a lazy turn and shoot at his target in Samuel's next turn. If dodged then, the bullet disappears in thin air. 50(Locked)


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
SEI 11
Base points 45
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 45


Samuel is ambidextrous.

He is smarter than most think.

He is the (self-proclaimed) best shooter that has ever lived.

Face claim is Lavi from D.Gray-man


"Mom.. dad.. someday, I will avenge you.." -Samuel to himself when the officers told him his parents died, this was only moments before unlocking his power.

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