Roaraku Inilliogu is an Arrancar of Las Noches, currently residing at Numeros 75.

Roaraku Inilliogu
"And why must I be bothered by the likes of you?"
Reddit Username
Race Arrancar
Birthday December 13th, 1896
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 175 lbs.
Blood Type B
Family None
Professional Status
Base of Operations Las Noches
Affiliation The Arrancar Army of Las Noches
Number 75
Release Command "Open, Ouroboros."
Resurreccíon Serpiente que come el horizonte.
Sealed Weapon A Katana


Roaraku slightly above the average height, with a fairly light and thin build. His hair is blonde, but not necessarily long, and his eyes are a dark grey. The remains of his mask are a jaw-like bone that rests on his sternum, and a plate that rests on the top of his head, with two small horns poking out. His hollow hole is located where the end of his ribs would be.

His attire is the usual Arrancar cloak, black sash, and trousers. He prefers to let the cloak hang out and be undone, so that one can see the white under shirt and his sash underneath. The cloak however is dotted with scars, marks, and cuts from the amount of battles and fights he foolishly and recklessly gets himself into.


Roaraku is a smug, conceited Arrancar who looks down upon all those below him--including his enemies. He shows extreme respect for those who are higher than him (i.e, the Espada), so as long as they keep in line. He is typically a loner, due to him being critical of others and being fairly apathetic.

His greatest mission is to become an Espada, no matter the cost. Even the lowest number, Decimo, would suit him well, so as long as he achieves his goal.

Roaraku himself does not like much. Due to his general attitude, liking something just does not suit him. However, there is a certain Hollow he does actually like--that being the lone Hollow he had met, early on during that great war to end all wars. Though he presumes them to be dead, he often wonders if they somehow escaped the Shinigami.

Roaraku dislikes many things, in contrast to the amount of things he does like. He despises the Shinigami for their loathsome actions, and has deep contempt for the lower Hollows.


Roaraku at one point, was a human--as all Hollows start. His original birth date was in the early 1900s, were as a young man he was enlisted and forced to serve during World War I. Even then, he was fairly pompous and arrogant--believing that they would easily beat back the German onslaught. He was incorrect, and Roaraku was killed during the Battle of the Marne.

There, he was forced to roam the battlefield, not understanding why so many of his fallen brethren roamed with him. That sorrow eventually turned to resentment for those whom were still alive....and that sorrow became a deep hate that he was the one who had to do die, and not them. A darkness grew in his heart, and soon enough he underwent Hollowification, and promptly began to devour the many wandering souls. He had devoured nearly a thousand of them without any hindrance before he met another Hollow--one whom used to be another soldier, and was Hollowfied just as Roaraku was.

The two teamed of them up together and began to scour the field for the limitless wandering souls to eat, before finding a group of Shinigami who were trying to to quickly send the Pluses back to the Seireitei.

Seeing a challenge, Roaraku and the other Hollow attacked these Shinigami, and Roaraku went into rage as his fellow Hollow was slaughtered. The Shinigami were soon all killed themselves, and Roaraku began to wander the No Man's Land, searching for more souls to quench his ever-widening hunger.

At some point, amidst the battle, he stumbled upon a Garganta. He, at the time, was unsure of what it was, but it called out to him--so he made his was into Hueco Mundo itself. There, he found even greater challenges than before. Many Hollows, all of them even more powerful than he was, wanted Roaraku to be their next meal. Roaraku had no plans to be eaten, and struggled to establish a place in the world of Hueco Mundo. Over time he himself grew stronger and stronger, eventually achieving the rank of Adjuchas--though this had taken him several decades to accomplish. Over some time, he heard of a rumor--the ability to become even stronger by removing one's mask. Although he was some what hesitant to try, even at his rank, but went through it anyways. He was relieved to discover that he had evolved...and into an Arrancar.

It was from here he began to experience a bit of a change. He remained a loner after losing that other Hollow, and moslty wandered the wastes to eliminate any wandering Hollow that he sees fit enough to destroy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cero: Roaraku is capable of Cero, and his own special version is Disco Cero, being a doughnut-shaped disk that when fired, will travel a short distance and split off into four directions.

Sonido: Roaraku uses Sonido quite often, and is fond of the ability. Though he may not be the best--to an inexperienced Hollow or Arrancar it can seem like he is simply teleporting between distances.


Ouroboros: A long, thin katana with a circular hilt. The blade is a shiny grey with a dark green tint to it.

Release command: "Open."

Roaraku will swipe his hand over the length of his blade and simply utter, "Open, Ouroboros." With that, his Resurreccion starts. His blade begins to shift and increase insides until it becomes a black Falchion that begins to emit a green vapor that covers Roaraku as he goes through his change.

When the vapor disseminates, Roaraku's body has through a signifcant change. His shattered mask had gone to cover his entire face, with the only marks being two small slits that serve as his eyes. Four giant wings sprout from his back, and even though his mask covers his face entirely, he can still speak clearly, even if his voice is distorted slightly.

Ability 1: Gran Explosión SerpienteEdit

Name Gran Explosión Serpiente
Type Offensive
Cost Low-High
Stat SEI and REI
Range Depends on where Roaraku places it.
Description Gran Explosión Serpiente is a special, more offensive attack that Roaraku uses in conjunction with his sword. To do this, he carves the Ouroboros symbol (A dragon-like snake eating its tail) into an inanimate object and essentially turns that object into an explosive. Roaraku can only use up to ten of these symbols at a time (the more he uses, the more energy he uses), and the size of the object correlates to how much energy he uses as well. However, that size is limited. He cannot, for example, use a symbol and blow up an entire Espada tower. He can, though, blow up small segments--but not enough to wreck the entire tower. The symbols themselves do not last forever. It would be foolish to forget one and then come back to find it laying around somewhere. The symbols have a twenty-minute time limit, unless Roaraku activates them (by snapping his fingers) himself.

Ability 1: Poison ProfundoEdit

Resurreccion Ability
Name Poison Profundo
Type Offensive
Cost Low
Stat SEI
Range Short

A deep, dark green vapor begins to seep from his balade and surrounded the immediate area around Roaraku. Just breathing it in or being close enough to it can be harmful, but being hit by the blade itself will incur an even deadlier poison. The poison feels like searing, burning pain that is absorbed into the bloodstream itself. The poison's main purpose is to wear down the user, as its continued effect will progressively ruin the opponent's endurance. The poison does not last for ever, and only emits at Roaraku's discretion. The posion though can be cured fairly easily, but it is due to its constant nature that makes it difficult to stop. The range of this ability is short, as it only works around Roaraku.

Ability 2: Devorar el horizonteEdit

Resurreccion Ability
Name Devorar el Horizante
Type Defensive
Cost High
Stat REI
Range Short
Description This ability causes Roaraku to hungrily devour the reishi or the surrounding area, and use that to aid himself by healing his wounds. The wounds will not spontaneously heal. It requires several minutes for his body to fix itself, and will require a vast quantity of Reishi to heal anything major. If there is no reishi left to absorb, the ability backfires and begin to harm him. This is much like the world-devouring snake, Ouroboros, as it will eventually devour itself. Like the above ability, this one is short-range, and only affects the immediate area.


HAN 5 (+0)
REI 6 (+1)
HAK 6 (+1)
SEI 7 (+1)
BUK 8 (+2)
HOH 8 (+3)
Base points 40
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 40


None at this time.


"I'm going to become an Espada. Why? Why does it matter? It's my goal. Everyone needs one, or else you have no reason to exist."

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