806804-atlantis shield

The active barrier.

The Ritual of Protection is a ritual involving six people to create a long lasting, large scale barrier over a large location. The Spell is written in Sadako Amaya's Grimoire 'The Key of Oracles'. The barrier is specifically designed for protecting from an invasion. The barrier’s strength is determined by the spiritual power of the casters. The barrier will remain active indefinitely as long as the spell was performed right and the sigil isn’t broken. The barrier can however be destroyed by one or more people who have spiritual power beyond the barriers shielding capacity. The barrier can be split open at any point around the barrier as long as there is a Gate Keeper there to split the barrier open. THE BARRIER IS A ORB and extends under ground, for people confused about that. Also, for people confused. You can't open a portal into the barrier. No Garganta's or any of that, it would defeat the purpose of the barrier.

Ritual Requirements


  • 6 People
    Fourth seal by idzuno-d3f7mpu


  • 6 Candles
  • Blood offering
  • 10 Minutes to channel
  • Several different herbs
  • Chant
  • Sigil

Chant: -- Templum deae ortum lunae, hic murmura astrorum sanctificare tua benedictione et proteget loca ibi. Invocabo elementa ignis et terra et aqua et ventus Hae causae—

Barrier: Strengths & Weaknesses


  • The shields power level is based on the combined spiritual strength of the casters (x2) or in other words the combined Reiatsu of all casters doubled.

Example: Six casters each with 15 Reiatsu would make the shields strength 180.


  • For an enemy to be able to destroy the shield they must have at 1 point higher in Sei then the level of the shield. Meaning the chances of a single person breaking the barrier is very slim; to realistically destroy the barrier it would require the combined Sei of several people.

Example: Ten people come to invade, each of them have 21 Sei and the shields strength just so happens to be 200. Combined they have a total of 210 Sei, meaning if they work together they have the ability to destroy the barrier.

  • The shield can also be destroyed if continuously attacked in a single spot for at least 5-10 minutes. This can even be done if the combined level of Sei of all the enemies is lower than the barriers shield level.

  • Shield can be disabled by the lead Caster.

  • Shield can be disabled by breaking the sigil.

  • Quincy reiatsu absorbing abilities can weaken the barrier by half, this can only be applied once. Meaning several Quincy would still only be able to weaken it by half all together.


  • Spell is for upcoming story plots.
  • The current barrier protecting Las Noches has a shield strength of 18o. The current barrier protecting Las Noches has four spots where a Gate Keeper stands for protection and to allow people through, one in the North, South, East and the West. These guards are called Gate Keepers.

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