Status Active/Alive
Reddit Username Jokester4life
Race Hollow
Birthday November 18
Gender Male
Height 4'4
Weight 77lbs.
Professional Status
Base of Operations Las Noches
Position Gillian
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In his Gillian form, RendjawTakes on the appearance of a finned raptor.  His eyes are  a frightening bloodred with verticals slits of solid black for pupils.  He has fins starting from the middle of the top of his head going up and down over his back to the base of his tail. The spines of the fins as well as the areas fromw hicht hey sprout are black and the fins are white.  The majority of his body (The yellow and green from the picture)  is also white with black spots.  His hands and feet along with his talons are a glossy black as well.


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  • Gillian Form
  • Adjuchas Form
  • Vasto Lorde Form

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