Reigea the BetrayerEdit

Appearance Unknown. Has been able to disguise himself to an extreme level that his true face isn't known

Personality Smooth as silk, able to charm his way past more then a few unwary subjects. He can become anyone he needs to be

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A Snake behind the unwary. He is gifted with poision and blending in to his surroundings by changing his appearance.

Describe your Zanpakutou. A small dirk that's easily hidden Release command: Bite the unwary

(Betsu no Koto)

(Be another) Name Betau no Koto Type Melee Cost low Stat Senju Range Close Reigies most vital ability to his job, his ability to morph. He can change how is face looks, his clothing and his size a few inches and about 20 pounds. This takes both time and concentration to make the change. Te changes don't give any other abilities besides his looks being changed

(In de chusho suru)

(Backstab) Name Backstab Type melee Cost Varible Stat Senju Range close Stabing his opponent with his dirk, Reige creates a unhealable wound for a set amount of turns per how much energy he pumps into the strike. Usually only used when he has a lethal shot where if the initial stab doesn't kill his victims the blood loss will

(Hebi ni Kama)

(Snake bite) (Release ability) Name Snake bite Type melee Cost High Stat rei/Senju Range close A strong poison that Regie makes his blade secret. A simple cut is enough to poison a foe though the effects are not felt right away. At first it makes the cut area go numb, them hand eye coordination is thrown off and finally the victim become sluggish, his reactions delay and his mind fuzz. It also gives a splitting head ache that can last for a long time


STAT POINTS HAN 7 (8) REI 8 (9) HAK 10 (11) SEI 10 (11) BUK 10 (11) HOH 10 (11) Base points {{{55}}} Earned 0 (Master Log) Points spent on abilities 0 Total

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