Raphael is a Seraphim of the Arch Angel rank

Hope Bringer
Even the inevitable end knows Hope
Status Alive
Race Seraphim
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Seraphim Army
Position Arch Angel


Raphael has the appearance of a normaly 20-something human, male. With tousled black hair and a muscled, but slim, physique. He holds two swords, both standard Katana with blue grips and sheaths.


Raphael is the Hope Bringer, a title he well deserves. In the face of terror and despair, he brings light to his allys and the blackest dark to his foes. Merciless and driven, Raphael will only give up on his conquests once he's passed the door to death itself and he'll make sure to bring a few others with him.



Raphael's first release

Upon releasing for the first time, Raphael gains a hooded robe that conceals the luminescent engravings that now start to cover his skin, their only sign being a slight glow around his hands from the light spilling down his robe. His legs, hidden by the robes have become reminiscent of a Satyr, furry and cloven. They give excellent purchase on the most unstable of ground.


Raphael's second release

His second release removes the robe in an explosion of light, uncovering the changes that have been wrought upon his body. His hands turn claw like and veins and arteries trace patterns of liquid light along his arms, meeting in a radiant diagram that covers his torso. Large black wings, light tracing between the feathers, sprout from his shoulderblades, their powerful movements keeping him lifted above the ground. All that remains of his robe is a ragged circle around his waist.


Name: Knuckle of Fate and Demise
Type: Offensive
Cost: High
Range: Long
Stat: Sei/Buk

Raphael punches the air in front of him, a thin, precise beam on light fires from his middle knuckle. The beam pierces through whatever it hits short of a Zanpakuto.

Name: Light screen
Type: Defensive
Cost: Low for weak strikes, High for strong ones.
Range: Short.
Stat: Sei

Raphael can manipulate the light into small, precise barriers to deflect incoming blows. A quick opponent can redirect their attacks around the fist sized blockage.

Name: Lights of Hope and Despair
Type: Utility/Passive
Cost: Low (Can be active for up to four turns, with a cooldown of one less than the number of turns used for. Minimum cooldown of one turn.)
Range: Melee
Stat: Sei
Description In his second release, Raphael infuses the light he releases into his body, causing each strike and block to emit a distracting flash of light.


(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)(+1) (+1)
HAN 8 (+1) (+1)
REI 10 (+1) (+1)
HAK 8 (+1) (+1)
SEI 11 (+1) (+1)
BUK 9 (+1) (+1)
HOH 9 (+1) (+1)
Base points 55
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 55


Dum spiro, spero - While I breathe, I hope

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