Osiris Xero
Race Arrancar
Birthday September 16
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Professional Status
Affiliation Las Noches
Resurrección Luz De La Luna
Hankō 4
Reiryoku 5
Hakuda 6
Seijū 7
Bukijū 5
Hohō 3

Osiris Xero is the #54 Arrancar and tercera (3rd) Espada Sinsenza Stabille Fraccion.


Osiris Xero is a skinny and lean, but still somewhat muscular male of about 5'11" in height. He appears to be 20 years of age. He has shoulder-length, dark red, messy, pale blue skin and fangs. He has many piercings including his left ear, both sides of lips, septum, tongue and left eyebrow pierced. He sports tribal tattoos reaching from the small of his back over his shoulders down to the backs of his hands. He wears the typical white hakama, half-unzipped jacket, short, dark grey hooded cloak and black boots. He also wears a cross necklace around. His hollow mask is reminiscent of a skull, covering the area around his left eye and left cheek and his hollow hole is located on the side of his neck.


Osiris Xero is very cold and calculating, though not particularly unfriendly. He will speak to and congregate with others, but is not the life of the party. He is, however, undyingly loyal to those he considers his equals and superiors. Although, in life, he developed a split personality that has carried over into his rebirth as an arrancar. His other personality is crazed, sadistic and blood-thirsty. When in the company of his allies, her 2nd personality is crude, vulgar and quite ridiculous. But in battle, he will stop at nothing to utterly decimate his opponents.


Not much is known about him except that he grew up a lonely young man.


Luz de la Luna (Spanish: light of the moon) - A pair of kama with black blades and black and crimson handles.

Resurreccion: Osiris's release command is "Despair." Upon release, his cloak becomes jet black and reaches his ankles and his hollow mask is fully restored into a skull. His hands and feet are covered in bone-type armor and his kama become one large scythe with a skull on top.

Ancla (Spanish: anchor) - He uses your own spiritual pressure to hold you down on the ground.

Traicion (Spanish: betrayal) - Similar to Ancla, except when attacked, the energy of said attack can be reflected back at you.

Angel de la Muerte (Spanish: angel of death) - Wings form from his spiritual pressure and are used to fire a devastating blast of power.


HAN - 4
REI - 5
HAK - 6
SEI - 7
BUK - 5
HOH - 3

HAN - 4
REI - 7
HAK - 8
SEI - 9
BUK - 7
HOH - 3

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