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To add your OC(s) to the birthday tables, add them in birthday order, if you need too create a new row before or after to fit the OC in.

If you need any help adding in an OC, constact a wiki admin, we'd be happy to help you get it added.


Real time dates for January:

September 1st 2014, November 24th 2014

OC Name Birthday
Rukia Kuchiki 14th
Kokishin Nengen 23rd
Alvaro Lobo 23rd


Real time dates for February:

September 8th 2014December 1st 2014

OC Name Birthday
Maru 2nd
Renji Yamada 14th
Keiko Fukui 17th


Real time dates for March:

September 15th 2014December 8th 2014

OC Name Birthday
Hiraku Nara 5th
Lydia 22nd


Real time dates for April:

September 22nd 2014December 15th 2014

OC Name Birthday
Ignatius Rind-Oberste 1st
Aeveen Blake 8th
Hitsuga Inshiro 11th
Elaine LaVenenosa 17th
Rio Mōretsuna 18th
Lorcian Kobayashi 20th
Michael Blackwolf 26th


Real time dates for May:

September 29th 2014December 22nd 2014

OC Name Birthday
Masato Tadayoshi 3rd
Sadako Amaya 3rd
Tomoko Sano 4th
Joaquin Ribereño 31st


Real time dates for June:

October 6th 2014December 29th 2014

OC Name Birthday
Vergil Sanctus 7th
Ryuuhei Fujiii-Shikuga 23rd
Kimiko "Panda" 27th


Real time dates for July:

October 13th 2014January 5th 2015

OC Name Birthday
Cade 3rd
Gasai Yuno 13th
Miku Sugimoto 13th
Ryatso Matsumori 17th


Real time dates for August:

October 20th 2014January 12th 2015

OC Name Birthday
Azumi Haruko 9th
Rodrigo Santiago 18th


Real time dates for September:

October 27th 2014January 19th 2015

OC Name Birthday
Sumiko Hadashi 3rd
Zemaiah Tempo 10th
Shin Kobayashi 27th


Real time dates for October:

November 3rd 2014January 26th 2015

OC Name Birthday
Anya Braginski 3rd
Tyler J. Blanchet 6th
Himawari and Kiui Banteki 8th
Kai Nagatori 25th
Kylar Blackwolf 26th
Lluvia Termina 30th


Real time dates for November:

August 18th 2014November 10th 2014, February 2nd 2015

OC Name Birthday
Takeshi "Kamina" Eto 12th
Hope Celvashti 20th
Laxus Alosar 26th


Real time dates for December:

August 25th 2014November 17th 2014, February 9 2015

OC Name Birthday
Yamashita Ritsu 1st
Kagetsume Karasu 13th
Marju Raiki 22nd
Remington Stoyer "Switzy" 23rd
Minako Yūki 24th

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