Ghost Song
"I'll never leave your memories, if you would have been faster, I would still be here!"
Status Dead
Race Shinigami
Birthday November 27th
Gender Male
Height 6'
Weight 152 lbs.
Blood Type O+
Family Caomei Jaekuro [Fiancee]

Ryuuhei Fujiii [Past lover, Best Friend]

Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society
Previous Position Academy Student
He was the one lurking the darkness, the one on the peripheral of his vision...


Nowaki stands at 6 foot evenly and has a build much like that of a normal young man. He's not muscle bound, but comfortably in the middle of normal and buff. He has black hair that's slightly razor-ed and never reaches past his jawline. His facial features are fairly strong but very 'sculpted', resembling that of an elf's. His eyes are dark brown and can appear to be black at times. He wears a necklace with a pair of dog tags with his name engraved on them. Other than his Academy uniform, he was normally be found wearing a pair of jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt.


Nowaki was a very strange individual and it was often said that he had more than one personality. However, he just knew when to keep himself under control. Outside, Nowaki was a pleasant individual that would speak to anyone that he met regardless of their social status, race, ect. He offered to help anyone that he knew and could love deeply. He was not regarded as a prideful person and could sometimes be said to be a shy person when around people he didn't know.

In reality, Nowaki was very judgmental. He waited for people he doesn't know to speak so that he could learn about them and what maked them tick. He liked to know what really claws underneath a person's skin and would do what he could to stick his own claws in to irritate them without the person knowing exactly what's going on. He makes assumptions based on appearance and social status and foul ways to act around them to keep up his reputation.</p>

All in all, he was an ass.

He liked to make sure his women listened to him and simply could not stand when a woman could fight for himself. He loved Caomei when he first met her and wanted every woman to be like her, but later began to think of her as a conniving bitch. Nowaki simply hated that she was mentally stronger than him and can take his pride from him in less than a few hits. Therefore, he wanted to pin women under his thumb.

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