Nō is an anomalous entity that was discovered in the Soul Society, she has an abnormal energy signature one that has never been seen before, what she is exactly is a mystery. Nō is an NPC and unknowingly Kami (God). [WIP]

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Status Active-Alive
Race Kami (Unknown in character)
Birthday July, 1st
Gender Female
Height 5"5
Weight 90
Family Unknown
Professional Status


Nō has magnificent long black hair that is styled in a traditional Japanese hime-cut she stands at 5”5 and weighs 90 pounds her body being unnaturally skinny for her apparent age. She has a peach complexion with big blue eyes that often have the ability to get her out of trouble rather easily. She dresses rather outlandish compared to the usual Soul Society attire.    


Nō is a sensible, sweet young girl with a gentle spirit and inquisitiveness for the unknown. She may at times seem to pop out of nowhere or appear to eavesdrop on a conversation to satisfy her curiosity. She isn’t an overly immature young lady, instead she's level-headed and thoughtful while maintaining a nonchalant and easygoing bearing. She won’t assert herself in situations unless she feels that her opinion is needed or she is overcome with curiously leading to a multitude of questions. When she is curious about something she doesn’t mind asking questions until she is blue in the face, as long as she understands whatever it is that has caught her interest. If Nō doesn’t figure out everything about whatever it is that has peaked her attention she will obsess over it, for instance, if she were to find a person extremely interesting, she would follow that person around and do whatever she could to be around that person until she figured them out. Nō is confident and has an uncanny way of showing it, when faced with a situation that would require her to be confident and strong-willed she will grab hold of her childhood teddy-bear as a good luck charm and brave her way through it, some may even say she can be a bit forgetful of the dangerous that surround her but she doesn't mind as long as she has Teddy nothing can touch her!


Backstory! The good stuff.






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