Maryann Veska
Status Active
Race Quincy
Birthday January 21st
Gender Female
Height 5'10"
Weight 115lbs
Family Mother and Father,

Brother, Fiancee

Professional Status
Base of Operations Xcution
Affiliation Quincies
Previous Affiliation Veska Family
Position Quincy
Partner N/A
Previous Partner Alistair Voluer
Sealed Weapon 2 6-pointed Quincy cross bracelets
Points Earned 0
Hankou 10
Reiryoku 7
Hakuda 3
Seijuu 9
Bukijuu 9
Hohō 9


Around most people she is rather stern. Despite this, she is very caring and motherly but never shows it. Around her close friends, she is nice, usually making jokes and is quite intelligent. She is extremely intelligent. Known for making long drawn out plans and overly-elaborate strategies.


She is tall, about 5’10”. She has black hair. She weighs 115lbs. She has blue eyes. She wears the standard Quincy uniform most of the time. When wearing the uniform, a cloak, usually draped over her right shoulder and flowing down her back.



Spirit Weapon: She wears two quincy crosses. One on each wrist. Knives materialize in her hand, and she throws them at her enemy.


For: Usage of her Quincy crosses.

Name: Durchstechen / Durchdringen ( This is just a suggestion, Maryann)

Type: Damage over time.

Cost: Low

Range: Extremely short.

Description: When one of her knives pierce an opponents skin, it begins to pump poison into the person's body. Dealing significant damage over the span of 3 turns. If the enemy moves around a lot, the poison becomes more potent.


For: Usage of her Quincy crosses.

Name: Fesseln

Type: Bind

Cost: High

Range: Extremely short.

Description: When one of her knives pierce an opponent's skin, it stops muscle movement for a single turn.

Class/level: AD-2

HAN: 10

REI: 7

HAK: 3

SEI: 9

BUK: 9

HOH: 9

Points Earned: 0

Total points: 46

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