Luciano Reyes is an Arrancar of Las Noches.

Luciano Reyes
Luciano1Go ahead, rot.
Reddit Username Luciano_Reyes
Race Hollow - Arrancar
Birthday July 2nd
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Weight 176lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Base of Operations Las Noches
Affiliation Arrancar Army of Las Noches
Position Fraccion
Number 54
Espada Lluvia Termina
Resurreccíon Devour, Forsaken Monster
Sealed Weapon Daishō


Luciano is a person who always wears the same attire, the greenish coat with white accents and wide greenish pants. He had long purple hair and usually wears a long white rag around his head. He wears his Daishō on the right side of his body, where others wear their swords on their left side and he can be viewed as a slim, not too tall person. His hole is where his heart used to be.


Luciano can be described as selfish, arrogant and sadistic with a slight touch of being a lunatic. He has no interest in other being than himself and will have no trouble pulling out his blade against opposition which he knows he can beat.






Did I mention killing?





From being an executed serialkiller in life, Luciano continued this trend as a Hollow, mindlessly devouring humans, Hollows and even very weak arrancar. He had decided to rip off his mask after being fed up with all those Hollows fighting him and now he has a clear mind and can persuade his targets into letting them be killed by him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Forsaken Being is a zanpakuto taking the form of a Daishō in sealed state, and when released, the rag around his head extends and forms black armor around his body. His wakizashi and katana turn into claws which can stretch to the length of wakizashi but also be fully retracted. The helmet looks like a dragon's skull and is all black with the armor made out of dragon's scales. The scales grow back whenever destroyed but the wounds underneath don't.

Release command: Devour, Forsaken Being

Forsaken DiseaseEdit

Name Forsaken Disease
Type Offensive
Cost High (3 turns cd)
Stat Sei
Range Medium (15 feet)

Luciano fires shots of greenish fluids out of his claw or sword at his target. When hit, the tissue around will slowly melt away, which could cause an agonizing pain and heavy bleeding. These fluids shoot out at the speed of bullets and three are fired simultaniously.

Forsaken ScalesEdit

Name Forsaken Scales
Type Offensive
Cost Medium (2 turn cd)
Stat Sei
Range Medium

One of the scales on his armor crumbles and levitates in the air, shooting forward at high speeds towards his target. These scales can crumble into hundreds and hundreds of pieces or around fifty bigger pieces. They have the strength to pierce hierro.

Dragon's DefenseEdit

Name Dragon's Defense
Type Defensive
Cost Medium (2 turn cd)
Stat Sei
Range Short

One of the scales of his armor breaks off and grows into a big shield, blocking attacks from his opponents. It will be blocked if the attacker's way of attack (Hak/Sei) is lower than Luciano's Sei+3


HAK 8 (+2)
SEI 6 (+2)
BUK 8 (+2)
HOH 8 (+2)
Base points 40
Earned 2 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 42


Luciano has lost count of the amount of people/Hollows he killed.

Faceclaim is Saitou Hajime from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan


Fuck off and die in a corner. - Luciano to a human who begged for his life.

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