Vines and branches entangle around stone pillars and the face of the tower and


the surrounding area

continue out into the thick forest and the surrounding area it is much like an old ruined and forgotten temple that has been overgrown and worn over the years,  with various buildings covered in vines and moss, constant rain is the only sound to be heard in the septimo's area,  

The three patrolling guards.

these are 3 hollow dogs that Lluvia let roam his lands, they make sure to inform Lluvia when one of his test subjects manages to esca


the pack leader, Hiatsu

pe, notifying him by their shreiking howls, they ensure that they keep  close to whoever it is they have hteir eyes on.







Ground Floor

This is the first floor you will see when you enter the tower, it is circular in shape, at the far end of the hall there is a bar and next to the bar are a set of stairs


the front of the tower


entrance hall

 that lead up to the dining area for Lluvia's Fraccion and himself, but when he is throwing a party/hosting an event, the main hall will be filled with tables 

and usual items that you'd normally find in a dining hall,

Either side of the main hall are a set of doors, these doors lead to the other area's of the tower, one up on the left, the other on the right down,

First FloorEdit

This area is the arena, this is the ONLY place that fights and sparring will occur in the tower, this room is designed to let those fight hand to hand combat, the room consists of one main room, and 3 side rooms, each room has it's own speciality, one is for muscle strength, it is designed so that when to door to it is closed, the oxygen is thinner and the gravity is heavier, another room is designed for target practice with long ranged attacks, and the other is for close combat, there is a set of stairs at the end of the main hall that lead up to the higher sections of the tower

the main sparring hall

second FloorEdit

This floor is for any Fraccion, they can design it how they please, but for now the room is empty only having a spiraling staircase that leads up to the next floor,

Third and Final FloorEdit

This is the very top of the tower, on this floor is Lluvia's quarters, there isn't much up here, apart from a bed and a bar, (and a whole wadrobe full of candy) if you wish to come up here, you must ask Lluvia for permission before doing so, failure to do so may lead to side effects such as missing limbs, and or other missing body parts,

Basement Edit

Currently, no-one is allowed down here apart from Lluvia himself, he's working on making this floor his science quarters, he drew up what it would look like when finished but he still needs some more equipment for stuff, and things...

science, and stuff..

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