Limstella is an NPC Arrancar and high ranking officer in Naomi's "Relentless" Legion

The Enforcer
Tumblr n45mgrnJtX1r4ym0no1 500"I could care less about your paltry Las Noches, Lady Natsuki's word is law and whatever she wants I'll gladly deliver it to her..."
Status Alive-Active
Race Arrancar
Gender ???
Height 5'8
Weight 160
Blood Type ?
Professional Status
Base of Operations Relentless Caverns
Affiliation Rebellion: Relentless
Position Officer


Limstella is of average height with a slender, supple body with porcelain skin and a flat chest (making it very difficult to determine their gender) along with long red fingernails. Limstella also has waist length black, wavy hair with golden eyes that contain the ferocity of a hawk's. Limstella wears a simple white longsleeved shirt with skin tight beige pants that have lacings on the side with knee high black boots and a black tailed vest with gold trimmings and a scarlet interior. Limstella's mask fragment is a circlet around their head with it's estigma being two red teardrops under it's eyes (only during Resurreccion).


Limstella is very cold and callous to eveyone around them, only showing affection and submissiveness towards Naomi. Limstella is highly devoted to Naomi and willing to do anything she says often saying her word is law, if Limstella hears anyone insulting her then they will often try to punch the insulter hard enough in the chest to leave a bloody cavity. To the other members of the "Relentless", Limstella hardly even acknowledges them as they is only focused on doing their job and carrying out Naomi's will. Limstella also has a heated animosity towards the Espada and the denizens of Las Noches often calling them "scared children",




Backstory! The good stuff.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Stuff. If you have enough Hohō for Shunpo, write it, and also if you are able to use Cero.


(name) Describe your Zanpakutou.

Release command: ?

(Ability 1 name)Edit

Name  ?
Type  ?
Cost  ?
Stat  ?
Range  ?

Describe your first ability.

(Ability 2 name)Edit

Name  ?
Type  ?
Cost  ?
Stat  ?
Range  ?

Describe your second ability.

(Ability 3 name)Edit

Name  ?
Type  ?
Cost  ?
Stat  ?
Range  ?

Describe your third ability.


HAN 20
REI 13
HAK 21 (+4)
SEI 13
BUK 12
HOH 21 (+4]
Base points 100
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 100





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