Lapis Basilisk
Status Alive
Reddit Username DSV686
Race Hollow
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Height 1'11"
Weight 25lbs
Blood Type Chicken
Family None
Professional Status
Base of Operations Hueco Mundo
Affiliation None

Lapis Basilisk is a non-human hollow, who after killing and absorbing many humans souls, is able to fight on even ground with many of the human hollows. He is the soul of a chicken. His hollow hole is in his throat.


Lapis looks like your typical oversized chicken, with a hollow mask with a long beak at the end (Think the Rose's hollow mask). He is white in colour with a bright red crest on top of his head, despite his wings, he is incapable of powered flight.


As a chicken, Lapis was farmed for food, he hated it, he felt hatred for the man who "looked after" him. Once he was sent to the slaughter house, his soul came back for revenge, absorbing the man who had tortured him his entire life.


Soul-Body Seperation

Acidic Touch


Paralyzing GazeEdit

Type: Passive

Cost: Little

Associated stats: Rei/Sei

Range: Medium

Description: When Lapis looks into the eyes of a person their body becomes paralyzed (only works on people without spiritual power (NPC Humans))


Han 3
Hak 3
Rei 4
Sei 4
Buk 3
Hoh 4
Base 20
Earned 1
Total 21 (BG-2)

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