朽木 キュクロ
Status Alive
Reddit Username Kyukuro
Race Shinigami
Birthday October 4th
Gender Male
Height 196 cm (6’5”)
Weight 82 kg (180 Ibs)
Blood Type A
Family Kuchiki
Professional Status
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Kuchiki Clan, Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division N/A
Position N/A
Release Command Shoku (食, Eclipse)
Shikai Benitsuki (紅月, Crimson Moon)
Bankai Eienyoru Benitsuki (永遠夜紅月, Eternal Night Under the Crimson Moon)
Sealed Weapon Shirasaya
Tsuba shape None

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"The name's Kuchiki Kyukuro. Remember it, for it would be foolish for you to forget. After all, I am the heir to the Clan."

Kyukuro Kuchiki (朽木 キュクロ, Kuchiki Kyukuro) is a Shinigami of the Gotei 13 and the heir to the Kuchiki Clan.


Kyukuro stands tall at 6’5” with stern green eyes and short, spiked, black hair. His bangs fall in a short, ruffled swoop over his left eye to partially cover the three vertical, thin scars that were inflicted by a Hollow nearly a century ago. A silver, feathered earring with a ruby at its core dangles from his left ear. Two swords are normally sheathed at his left hip, a white shirasaya and an ornate katana, both of which are rather flashy and unusual to the standard zanpakutō.

He also wears the traditional Shinigami shihakushō, but with a few alterations. The ends are cut short and stuffed into metal-plated greaves, and instead of the usual sandals, he wears black open-toed sandals with red socks. Over his hands and wrists are plated gauntlets, and matching the red metal is a similarly colored scarf that was passed down by his father. Beneath the scarf is a white cloak with a folded, flared collar, as well as gold buttons that allows him to rearrange it however he sees fit. His body is toned and muscled beneath the somewhat baggy shihakushō; the collar is loosened to showcase a part of the mass of tribal tattoos that covers his chest and extends to his back, where a rather large tattoo of the Kuchiki Clan’s crest resides.


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Base points 40
Earned 9 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 49

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Adept Swordsman:

Kidō Practitioner:

Hakuda Combatant:

Shunpō Practitioner:

Spiritual Pressure:

Inner WorldEdit

It is constantly nighttime in Kyukuro’s Inner World, where imposing mountains enclose a large swath of trees, watched over by the red moon that hangs in the sky, waxing and waning in tune to the outside world. A chill is ever present in the dank and foggy air, spreading the discomfort of being observed, and planting a small seed of fear that takes its nourishment from the ghastly environment. As one ventures deeper into the forests, closer to the mountains, the small hints of light will vanish, for the branches that crisscross overhead will thicken until every snippet of the night sky is extinguished.

  • During a Full Moon
  • Benitsuki (Spirit)
  • Eienyoru Benitsuki (Spirit)

Closer to the center, there are odd fungus growing at the base of trees and ferns, casting an sickly glow to illuminate the many paths to the direct center, much like spokes connecting to the center of a wheel. Connecting the dozen of paths is a large lake, filled to the brim with rippling, cold black water. At the center is a small island, where Benitsuki can be found within a shrine. The worst time to come to his Inner World is when the moon is full, when Benitsuki’s bloodlust is at its peak. During this time, the entire world is dyed an eerie red, as though everything was drenched in luminescent blood. It’s a place where even the most seasoned warrior will feel ill.


  • Benitsuki (Sealed)
  • Benitsuki (Shikai)
  • Eienyoru Benitsuki (Bankai)
  • Mizuchiryū

Benitsuki (紅月, Crimson Moon): It takes the form of a white shirasaya when it’s unsealed. Without a tsuba to protect the hand, it is often seen as an unconventional weapon with the sole purpose of expressing nobility and pride, especially when seen next to the orthodox zanpakutō, Mizuchiryū (蛟龍, Rain Dragon). Unbeknownst to most, there are two ornate daggers holstered at either side of the sword near the opening of the sheath. It blends in well, to the point of it being considered apart of the design; even with the sword unsheathed, the daggers would stay in place. When released, both the sheath and blade are enveloped with red reishi before assuming their proper shape.

Shikai (Release command: Eclipse・食, Shoku)

Zangeki WangetsuEdit

Zangeki Wangetsu (炎斬撃々彎月, Fiery Slashing Crescent)
Name Zangeki Wangetsu (炎斬撃々彎月, Fiery Slashing Crescent)
Type Passive
Cost Low-High
Stat SEI
Range Short
Description At Kyukuro’s command, the blades will be covered in a condensed layer of scorching crimson flames. With every swing, a sheet (or ribbon) of reishi will trail directly behind the blades, capable of inflicting damage and repelling incoming attacks. This skill is empowered by the amount of blood spilled onto the two blades, which can be tracked by the color of the flame and respective reishi ribbon: red, orange, white, black (Bankai).

The higher the color, the more powerful the heat and power behind Zangeki Wangetsu.

Picture Zangeki Wangetsu

Shakunetsu no HayateEdit

Shakunetsu no Hayate (灼熱の疾風, Scorching Gale)
Name Shakunetsu no Hayate (灼熱の疾風, Scorching Gale)
Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat REI
Range Long

By swinging Benitsuki, Kyukuro can unleash varying gusts of hot sharp winds to injure and push his opponents away. Alternatively, it can be used to bisect reishi-based attacks, only if his REI is two points above his opponent's.

Bankai (永遠夜紅月, Eienyoru Benitsuki・Eternal Night Under the Crimson Moon)

Kyukuro initiates his Bankai by stabbing both blades upright into the ground, whereupon black flames spread upwards to engulf them. From the flames comes a long metal cable, which then coils around his dominant arm, followed by a large, wickedly curved triple-bladed scythe that seems to jump right into his grasp. The nature of this weapon doesn’t necessarily serve to kill an enemy, but rather wound them to various degrees in order to collect blood. Kyukuro can also utilize the metal cable attached to the end to throw or swing the scythe through the air.

Eienyoru Benitsuki: ChikōkenEdit

Name Chikōken (血後見, Blood Guardian)
Type Offensive and Defensive
Cost High
Range Short-Long
Description Onced called upon, Kyukuro’s zanpakutō spirit will manifest as a giant, protective, reishi guardian that surrounds him. She acts as a literal extension of his body, with her rib cage guarding his side and part of his front, and her arms moving on their own accord as though she were a sentiment being. Eienyoru Benitsuki wields a short sword in each hand, which can be used to cleave buildings apart with ease. When Kyukuro is on the ground, she manifests from the ribs and up; when Kyukuro is in the air, her entire body forms. With her presence, night falls and the moon rises, dyed a deep red. However, Chikōken is very costly; as such, Kyukuro cannot maintain it for very long (5 turns max), and once dispels it, may become incapacitated.


  • Kyukuro is ambidextrous
  • Mizuchiryū (蛟龍, Rain Dragon) is often mistaken as his true zanpakutō. It actually belonged to his grandfather. The characters “蛟龍” has two interpretations: rain dragon and hidden genius.
  • Kyukuro’s grandfather was the presiding head over the Council of Elders, and at the time, was the sole member who used to be a Shinigami.
  • Although he is deemed as the heir to the Kuchiki Clan, he is not its true heir. His half-brother, Yoichi Heisuke, was mistaken to be younger.
  • The cloak that he wears proudly around his shoulders once belonged to his grandfather. The red scarf he wears over it was passed down to him by his father before his death.
  • He was named after the male protagonist in Attack on Titan: Before the Fall.
  • Before his character conception, he was originally named Kuryuu due to the maker’s inept attention to details.




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