Kouhei Tatakai
Race Shinigami
Birthday 26/9
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Professional Status
Base of Operations Sexta's Tower
Affiliation Arrancar Army of Las Noches
Previous Affiliation Seireitei
Position Fraccion of the Sexta Espada
Previous Position Third Seat of the 5th Squad
Espada Sexta Espada - Alvaro Lobo
Release Command 超越します (Transcend)(Command:Chouetsu shimasu)
Shikai Shouhen 生変 (Rebirth)
Sealed Weapon Katana
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Kouhei appears to be in his mid-20s, but his true age is unknown.  He has short, messy grey hair and green eyes.

His common attire is similar to that of a Shinigami, but the colors are reversed so the primary color is white rather than black.  This is to better fit in with the common white stylings of most Arrancar dress.  He felt that this move might help ease the transition of a Shinigami into Las Noches. His reiryoku appearance is flickering orange flame with intermittent sparks of black and white.


Kouhei is fairly easy going and not particularly quick to anger but that doesn't mean he won't strike at a moments notice should a situation require it. He has few that he truly considers to be a friend and is accustomed to being alone and left to his own devices.  He can often be found meditating or solo-training to better himself.


Kouhei's history is that of a typical Shinigami until fairly recently.  His discovery and awakening of his power followed the typical path of other Shinigami.  He entered the Academy and graduated on time, but not at the head of his class.  He found himself in the Gotei 13, specifically the 5th Squad.  He worked his way up to the 3rd seat before unexpectedly abandoning his post and joining the Arrancar Army of Las Noches.  His reasons for doing so still remain unclear.  Despite many Arrancar's distrust and hatred of the Shinigami, he found himself becoming a Fraccion to Alvaro and was given a floor of his tower to call his home.  Since joining the Arrancar, Alvaro is the only person he considers to be a friend.


Shouhen 生変 (Rebirth) (Unreleased:

Release:超越します (Transcend)(Command:Chouetsu shimasu) Upon release, the sealed form of this zanpakuto melts and as the sealed form of his sword rapidly melts away the released form of the sword is revealed.



Neppa (Heatwave)(熱波)

Type Offensive/Defensive
Cost Medium to High, depending on power applied.
Stat Rei
Range Medium (Due to explosion distance)

Kouhei's zanpakuto can generate an intense burst of hell fire in a circle around Kouhei.  This heatwave burns anything hit by it and the force of the blast blows things away from the epicenter of the explosion.  It is capable of incinerating most objects and those without the spiritual energy required to withstand the flames (ie spiritually unaware humans, weak hollows and the like).  Anything incinerated by the blast of heat leaves nothing but ash. Can be used defensively to dissipate energy attacks.


Akuma Bure-do (Demon Blade)(悪魔 ブレイド)

Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat SEI
Range Short

When triggered, Kouhei's zanpakuto burns with an unearthly heat.  Anything that makes contact with the blade is severely burned by the flames of hell.  These burns cause pain above and beyond what a burn should be capable of.  Most common objects are typically burned to the point of being reduced to mere ash. Capable of easily melting even the most heat resistant common metals.

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