Konan Shiga is a Shinigami of the Gotei 13.

Konan Shiga
Konan Shiga ShinigamiPortrait of Konan Shiga
Status MIA; assumed dead
Reddit Username lin_joshua
Race Shinigami
Birthday 10/27
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs, 68.03 kg
Blood Type A+
Family None
Professional Status
Base of Operations Squad 6 Barracks
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division 6th Division
Position 3rd Seat
Release Command Scream
Shikai Shikyo
Bankai None
Sealed Weapon Large scimitar
Tsuba shape Dark, Slim


Konan is 5’9”, and has long, dark black hair. He looks like he’s in his late teens, and has a small, muscular frame. Konan wears his Zanpaktou on his back, and unsheathes it with his right arm. He not only wears a Shinigami Shihakusho during formal meetings and events, but has started to become accustomed to wearing the uniform often. A distinct characteristic about him is his gray irises.


Konan is quite calm, easygoing, open-minded, and enjoys relaxing, but gets excited easily in the heat of battle. He hides his emotions when he is angry or depressed, and lets them out when he is alone. Legend has it; there was a time where Konan used to smile.

Konan doesn’t enjoy the dress code, nor does he enjoy the formality of the Seireitei, but he has become accustomed to wearing the Shinigami Shihakusho, and has become quite consistent with wearing it. Rules of battle, however, are different. For him, every battle must be fought one-on-one, and he won’t hit an enemy if they can’t have an opportunity to fight back. Honor is the #2 priority in battle. Fair fighting and just causes are what fuel Konan’s motivation to be a Shinigami and protect every soul he can.

The main issue with Konan as a Shinigami is that he fears his zanpaktou. Shikyo represents death. To Konan, his zanpaktou, as well as all zanpaktou, is the epitome of death. Only in desperate situations will he use his Shikai.

Plot: HistoryEdit

Growing up in the East Rukon district, Konan had to fend for himself. At the age of 10, his family had died to thieves in the East Rukon district. They were attacked by a rogue Shinigami who wasn't strong enough to join the Gotei 13. After watching his parents get murdered, Konan instinctively used Hadou #1: Shô, to defend against the rogue Shinigami, and used the same zanpakutou used to kill his parents to commit murder for the first time. From then on, Konan vowed to become stronger, to defend who he could.

Once he grew up, his fighting skill was impeccable. However, at the academy, Konan had trouble keeping up with the other students. He wasn’t an embarrassment in any aspect, but he was a little less than decent; mediocre. The largest flaw he had in his fighting style was his speed. Konan was actually famous for his kidou, it was more developed than the other cadets'.

A man from the Kuchki clan recognized Konan's potential, and took Konan under his wing. While in the Kuchki trainer’s care, Konan showed great signs of growth, and therefore graduated at the top of his class. After the academy, Konan realized that he was the Kuchki trainer’s only pupil, and Konan never even got his name.

However, in the heat of battle, Konan isn’t as calm as in training. All of the battles against enemy hollows or sparring matches against colleagues have the chance of reminding him of his family he’s had to watch die. Memories like these are what make Konan so somber. These same memories also have the chance of crippling Konan while he is in battle, as he may not think 100% on the fight.

Plot: Post-Academy (RP)Edit

Once Konan graduated from the academy, he took every squad into account when signing up. To match his morals and fighting style, he narrowed the choices down to 2 possible squads: the 2nd and the 6th divisions. After he chose the 6th squad, he met the lieutenant, Chi, and was told that Mal, (the captain at the time) was undergoing some issues with other members of the Seireitei. That was all the information given to Konan.

After a couple of days in the Gotei 13, Chi sends a message to Konan to try to understand Konan's fighting ability by getting Konan to practice at the squad 6 practice dome. Konan sparred with Shit-ya, a simulator reigai created by the virtual machine of the dome. After Konan defeated the simulator (twice) without using releasing his shikai, Chi was his next opponent. Even after using a combination of Shikyo's abilities and kidou, Konan was defeated by Chi.

Hours after Corin treated Konan's wounds, Konan was bored yet again, and sat on top of the 6th squad barracks. Several shinigami were passing by (in no particular order), such as Squad 10 Captain Panda, Squad 11 Captain Mifune, Squad 5 3rd Seat Hades Taoreta, Squad 12 Lieutenant Sumiko Hadashi, Squad 11 Lieutanant Masato Tadayoshi, and Squad 10 3rd Seat Alexander Pimm, and Konan befriended all of them.

A couple of days later, Konan noticed the breaking, stressful news about Captain Commander Azumi Haruko, and Former Squad 6 Captain Mal, and decided to host a "tournament" about it. The get-together was just an attempt to help everyone get to know each other, and try to relieve everyone's stress a little bit.

After a month of being in the Gotei 13, Lieutenant Chi found Konan in the squad 6 dome, trying to learn Shunpo by himself. During his time in the Seireitei, Konan was able to get fast enough to learn Shunpo; however, he was not able to learn the technique by himself. Therefore, Chi was inclined to teach him. After failing several times, Konan was able to learn Shunpo.

Konan met Rio after he had learned Shunpo, when he saw her walking with an ice cream cone. He had asked her if he could try some, because it had been an extremely hot day. As expected, she denied playfully, and kept walking. Konan was offended, and Shunpo'd in front of her, asking again. After being rejected enough times, he gave up and continued with his day.

The night after he met Rio, Konan had woken up the members of Squad 6 from his screaming throughout the night. Chi and Takahiro came to try to understand what had happened, partially in anger because they were woken up at 2 AM. Konan explained to Chi about his reoccurring dream about the death of his parents, and Chi helped him understand how meeting his new family could maybe give Konan closure. After understanding what Chi had told him, Konan was indeed given closure, and vowed to never be sad from that point on.

Shortly after becoming fast enough to learn Shunpo, Squad 5 Lieutenant Marju Raiki gathered together Squad 4 Captain Kai Nagatori, Squad 11 Captain Ryuuma Mifune, Squad 11 Lieutenant Masato Tadayoshi and Konan to participate in a mission of hollow disturbance in The Hague, Netherlands. Konan realized that he was the only 3rd seat in the bunch, and was indeed the weakest. He had hoped to learn from the captains, but he was never able to, since Marju was leading the mission, and split up the group. This mission resulted in Konan battling against an Arrancar with a similar level of strength as Konan.

While fighting the Arrancar, Konan had realized that he had stood no chance. He was outmatched in strength just by fighting the Arrancar in their sealed forms. In the heat of the fight, Konan relaxed his guard and was kicked down by the Arrancar; he was launched into a building, which was about to fall apart. After he had reflected on his life, the building fell on top of him as his reiatsu faded. From that point on, Konan has been considered MIA.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Hadou and Bakudou from #1 - #26
  • Shunpo
  • Bankai - Training alone
  • Close Combat or Hakuda
  • Ladies Man - This one is self-explanatory. <3

Zanpaktou - ShikyoEdit

Shikyo is a young female girl. Her personality is extremely similar to Konan's, except for 1 characteristic. Konan doesn't smile in public. Shikyo is not afraid to smile when she is in battle. If Shikyo were to materialize and fight, others would see her smiling.

Shikyo form

Inner WorldEdit

Shikyo’s Inner World is a graveyard with weapons serving as tombstones. It was once the scene of a great battle, which ended in millions of casualties on all sides.

Shikyo inner world


Shikyo in her sealed form is a large scimitar which is actually taller than Konan. The sword has a gold guard and a black cloth for a tsuba. On the end of the handle is a long piece of black cloth, which Konan uses to spin Shikyo in combat. There is no official sheath for Konan's blade, he just wears Shikyo on his back. (Shown in Konan's profile picture/portrait)

Release command: Scream

In Shikai form, Shikyo takes the form of a three-bladed scythe.


Shikyo's Abilities Edit

Shikyo TateEdit

Shikyo Tate (Shield of Death)
Name Shikyo Tate (Death Shield)
Type Defense
Cost Medium
Stat REI
Range Short        

When this ability is used, a black circular shield is drawn by Konan (using Shikyo to draw the outline) and cast in front of Konan, blocking as much power as it can take. The shield breaks depending on the opponent's HAK or SEI (method of attack) to Konan's REI. If their HAK or SEI is greater than Konan's REI by 3 points, the shield will undoubtly break.

Kūkan FuchiEdit

Kūkan Fuchi (Void Abyss)
Name Kūkan Fuchi (Void Abyss)
Type Offense
Cost High
Stat REI
Range Long

Up to 5 dark spheres of void/space surround the target, circling it. On the caster’s command, the spheres become dark blades, and all strike the target at the same time.


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
Base points 40
Earned 5 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 45


Konan's theme song: The Depths by Of Mice And Men - Youtube link (metalcore)


"I understand that most people wouldn't want someone like me in their ranks. I have no doubt that orders given by the captains of the Seireitei would give me orders that my morals don't follow, so the occasion would be rare. If there was an occasion like so, I'd be willing to take the full consequence for insubordination, and you're going to have to find someone else to do the job. The value of a soldier who doesn't follow orders is a worthless one. The value of a soldier who follows most of his orders and excels at his job is one worth having."

- Konan said this to Chi when Konan had joined the Gotei 13. Chi had asked him why Konan wouldn't blindly follow orders, because otherwise, it'd be insubordination.


"Hell yeah I wanna fight."

-Konan said this to Takahiro Kuchiki when Takahiro first joined the Gotei 13, and asked Konan if he wanted to spar. Takahiro was interested in joining the 6th division, and Konan was just hosting a sparring party when Takahiro had graduated.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Trust is key. It's easily lost, yet so difficult to gain. Hold onto it dearly."

-Konan said this to Chi when Mal had left the Gotei 13. Chi had been awfully depressed, and needed someone to talk to. Konan came and helped once he had heard.

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