Kishimara Yuru
ECNzDaNA Knight to Protect the Past
Status Active
Reddit Username DSV686
Race Seraphim
Birthday Dec. 25
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Weight 114.5lbs
Blood Type O+
Family Husband (Unamed-Deceased)

Daughter (Unamed-Deceased

Professional Status
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Soul Society, Gotie 13
Previous Affiliation Family
Division 7th
Position Lieutenant
Previous Position 3rd Seat
Release Command Stop them in their tracks
Shikai Yogo-Sha
Bankai Not Yet Achieved
Sealed Weapon Long Sword

Kishimara Yuru is the lieutenant of the 7th division.


Kishimara has long red hair and orange eyes. She chooses not to wear a shihoksho in exchange she wears a simple white shirt, a red vest, and a thigh-length skirt. She carries her Zanpakuto on her right side.


Kishimara tries to act like she is cold, and uncaring, but she isn't very good at it, she is a very kindhearted person, and wants to take care of everyone, often pushing everyone else's burdens onto herself. She will rarely ever open up or ask for help in anyway, and she will push anyone who tries to give it further away, as she doesn't want people to worry about her, or to get injured because of her. She is willing to fight, and will do so to the best of her abilities, but doesn't wish to kill anyone.

She has a secret though, she wishes to eliminate everyone in her clan, anyone who bears the Yuru name she wants to kill with her own hands.


Kishimara was born in one of the wealthier districts of the Rukongia, her parents were murdered shortly after she was born, and she grew up in an orphanage. She made certain never to let anyone see her cry, but despite her attempts not to, she cried herself to sleep, having the image of her parents slaughtered before her burned into her mind. Reliving that hellish day every night when she went to sleep in her dreams. Once she was old enough to leave she did. She made her way deep into the forest where she would train everyday with a sword she found in her parents old things.

With time she became upsested with her swordsmanship, she wanted to be strong enough to fight, and strong enough to defend those who can't by themselves. She is the kind of person who will never kill an innocent just to get what she wants. Years after she managed to get ahold of a asauchi and awakens the Zanpakuto spirit inside she meets a man she falls in love with. They lived happily in the R
Yui by diemdenis-d5ggtn4.png

Kishimara's Daughter with her released Shikia

ukongia, she was the only shinigami of the two, as she could use low level kido, and had a
Family by xdt0rr3sxd-d5ipkik

Kishimara's Family

zanpakuto. Neither had been properly trained as a shinigami, but rather as swordsmen, which they both held a lot of pride in.

People knew them from far and wide in the Rukongia, the Yuru family, the a gifted shinigami who never deserted the Rukongia, their daughter, who was only five was already a master of many kido's, she even managed to preform Hado #17 Kaze no Torento by the time she was 5. She was a prodegy.

But disaster stuck in Kishimara's life once again. A group of bandits dressed as shinigami executed her husband and daughter, forcing her to watch, she was only saved by a higher ranked officer who happened to be walking by and saw the group harassing the family. This shinigami looked like he was just out of the acadamy, but was still exedingly powerful, he managed to kill the shinigami with just drawing and releasing his sword, their brains and faces looked like they were cooked, but there was no fire and no heat. When Kishimara asked the man's name, all he replied with was "I'm no one, but I go by the name of Ikari" and disapeared.

Zanpakuto: Yogo-Sha (Defender)Edit

Inner WorldEdit


Kishimara's Shikia Shield and Sword

A lush green meadow with a large stone caste perpetually in the background, almost as though the castle walls were the horizon itself. Her Zanpakuto spirit is a large suit of steel armor. Much like a knight.


Her release command is Stop them in their tracks, Yogo-Sha. Sealed it is a long sword with a leaf-like pattern at the base of the blade, when it is released it gained a small shield which also bears a leaf insignia on it.


Name Tawami (Deflection)
Type Defensive
Cost Medium
Range Short
Stats REI or HAN
Description Her shield grows around to the side of her body and around it. Protecting her front and sides from attack, but leaves her back vulnerable. This ability allows her to deflect any attack that doesn't come at a perfect 90 degree angle to the shield, and will block any attack so long as the opponents SEI or HAK is less than Kishimara's REI or HAN respectivly. If the opponent has higher SEI than she does REI (or HAK for her HAN depending whether the opponent uses a physical or spiritual move) AND they hit at a perfect 90 degree angle, then the shield will revert back to normal, and the attack will continue at 50% of it's original power (90% of the opponent has more than double the stat points)
Name Sokon
Type Offensive


Range Short to Medium
Stats HAK or SEI
Description A sword made of Reishi forms around Yogo-Sha, and Kishimara can either slash at the opponent with the second sword around her blade, with increased damage and cutting capabilities. She can also send the attack off for a medium range attack


Not yet Achieved


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 11
REI 11
HAK 10
SEI 10
BUK 10
HOH 10
Base points 40
Earned 22 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 62

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