Kilian Steinmeyer
Status inactive
Reddit Username Kilian_Steinmeyer
Race Human (Quincy)
Birthday 06/07/1985
Gender Male
Height 185cm (6'1")
Weight 90kg (198lbs)
Professional Status


Kilian's family is one with a weak Quincy heritage, but one they are proud of. The last Echt Quincy being four generations ago; however, despite the odds Kilian demonstrated significant ability to manipulate Reiatsu.

Under tutelage from his Aunt, Kilian eventually learnt to form and manipulate a bow, utilising a six pointed Quincy Cross. A few years later, due to his Father's position being transferred to Japan, his family separated and his remaining years of training were spent with his parents. Although skilled at destroying hollow with their meagre powers and a few key tools, they were unable to teach him further mastery over his Heilig Pfeil. Due to this his combat strategy relies less on his bow than might be expected of a Quincy and he has not yet mastered Hirenkyaku. However he has a medium level of proficiency with Seele Schneider.

For the last four years Kilian has made his way around city by city, looking for other Quincy, so that he may learn his skills better. When he came back to the dregs of a hostel he found himself in and saw an invitation to a group of similarly skilled humans it was an opportunity he could not pass up.


For Used with bow
Name Schrotflinte
Type Offensive
Cost Medium: no bow based attacks, 1 turn.
Associated Statistic(s) Reiryoku, Seijuu
Range Short - Closer end of Medium [1]
Description Kilian charges his bow beyond its limit, creating a powerful Heilig Pfeilt; however his bow is rendered unusable for a turn. Due to the power of the shot it can only be controlled for a short distance before exploding or dissipating. However if Kilian allows it to explode he will be caught in the blast.
For Used with Seele Schneider and Bow
Name Abwehren
Type Defensive
Cost None spiritually but a forceful stab may break through the trap, injuring Kilian and cancelling the technique.
Associated Statistic(s) Hankou, Hakuda, Hoho
Range Short
Description Kilian blocks an incoming attack with his bow, trapping the enemy's blade between the string and limbs of the bow and draws a Seele Schneider from his belt, readying for an attack.
For Any time
Name Surujin
Type Utility
Cost 1 Ginto charge
Associated Statistic(s) Seijuu
Range Medium
Description Kilian slashes in the air with stored Reiatsu from his Ginto towards his opponent's legs, impairing their movement. The attack is medium range s the Reiatsu requires time to solidify. Due to requiring previous storage he can.only use this once per fight.


3 Seele Schneider
1 Ginto
1 Quincy Cross


Statistic Points
Hankou 11
Reiryoku 6
Hakuda 11
Seijuu 3
Bukijuu 9
Hoho 6
Earned 0
Total 46


[1] Short is assumed to be a standard reach with blade, medium is a stone's throw and long is a sniper shot.

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