Grimoire weiss by ganjamira-d5gyad2

Key of Dimensions

The Key of Dimensions is an ancient spell book that is mentioned in folklore and supposedly has instructions on how to access alternate realms of existence. Legend has it that the book is located in a temple deep in the jungles of South Africa. Sadako Amaya has found tad bits of information about the book within the Key of Oracles and believes that it may in fact exist.The book is also said to be part of a collection of spell books each focusing on a different aspect of mysticism. This book is said to contain the secret to unlocking the Gates of Hell as well as manipulating the Kushanāda thus controlling the Togabito it doesn't however reveal information about the Demon Lord or his Arch-Demons. With the power in this book one with the right tools could bring about an Armageddon on earth.


  • Ritual of Realms


  • The Hell Gate Conduit

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