Kevin Tsuchigami is a Fullbringer in Xcution.


Kevin is a tall man with long brown hair, with a bandana holding it back. He has exceptionally blue eyes, something people often comment on. He likes to wear shorts, flip-flops and sleeveless tops, even in the rain and bad weather.


Kevin is as mellow as it is possible to be, if he isn’t talking to friends or training, he is meditating. He has studied martial arts in a few countries across the globe before coming to find Xcution.

Fullbring: Edit

Wherever I May Roam

A decorative cane becomes a bo staff, which has runes carved into it. Kevin usually uses his bo staff to attach a bag to when he is hiking, or reverts to his cane for steep hills. He makes use of the aspects of the fullbring outside of combat, in attempts to train with it.

Manipulations: Edit

3 Adept level 50

Hurricane - Kevin spins around with his staff, causing a vortex sucking people in, and smashing them with his staff.

Geokinesis: Using earth, Kevin can move the rocks and create structures from the earth. These include walls, pathways down from heights or steps up to places.

Ghost Strike: By manipulating air, when Kevin swings with his bo staff, it extends and can strike at distance.

2 Normal level 35

Thrust! - Kevin uses his abilities to speed up the thrust of his staff at an enemy. This can work in collaboration with Ghost Strike

Bringer Smash: Using Bringer Light, Kevin can smash his bo staff into the ground, causing it to fracture as though it were a fault line.

1 Basic level 15

Separation: Kevin pulls his bo staff apart to form two [largo mano yantok]( and fights in a different, more aggressive fight style he picked up in the Phillipines.

2 Utilities level 40

Get Back! - Kevin slams his staff into the ground, and an AoE pushback happens.

Earths Grasp - The earth raises around a target and attempts to entomb them for a short time.


50 stats

Han: 7

Rei: 7

Hak: 7

Sei: 13

Buk: 6

Hoho: 10

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