Kevin Clark
Status Alive/Human
Reddit Username itgmechiel
Race Human/Fullbringer
Birthday 17th of December
Gender Male
Height 5'7
Weight 67 kg
Blood Type B
Family Kyle Clark - Husband (deceased)

Tony Clark - Father

Maria Clark - Mother

Professional Status
Base of Operations Naruki City
Affiliation Xcution
Position Member
Fullbring Object - Christ's Cross

Fullbring - 2 Diamond Knuckle Braces


Kevin has black semi-long hair, bright seablue eyes and has a normal caucasian skin tone. He is quite muscular and works out very often. He looks swift and slim, he's 5'7 and weighs about 67 kg, so he's watchin' the food, but even with Kevin a nice hamburger will fit every now and then.


Kevin is a lively outgoing man, he likes to talk to people and make new friends. Walking alone at night scared him to death though, so at night he isn't going outside alone, this is due to an event in the past. Kevin is also religious, he's Christian so before every fight, or dinner, or training he takes a moment to pray for good luck. Beyond that he is a nice guy that people can talk to, he's a great listener and cares equally much about friends than about family, they're all to him.


Working out

Hanging out with friends

Food (mostly healthy stuff)

Going for a walk

Making new friends


Walking alone at night

Thinking about his husband Kyle, who passed away

Too much unhealthy food

Being useless



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Kevin's object is the Christ's cross that his boyfriend Kyle gave him, he always wears it wherever he goes, and if people request him to take it off they all get the same answer: NO.. When he releases the fullbring he releases a glow of reiatsu around him and the cross starts to glow, and turns into a couple of diamond knuckle braces, which will hurt a lot if you get hit in the head with one of them.

Ability 1Edit

Name  Glow of Ice
Type  Offensive
Cost  Medium
Range  Medium

Description => Kevin aims his right knuckle bracer and punches the air in front of him, the force will create several medium-sized shards of ice that will be fired at the enemy at high speed, if one or multiple shards pierce the opponent, the shards will reach a temperature of -150 degrees Celsius. This will slowly disable the part of the body it hit(taking 2 turns to completely freeze it), but one shard can't disable multiple parts (for example, right arm and right leg.) The temperature will decrease after that and after 2 turns the body part ready for use again (if the shard didn't hit a tendon or something ofcourse.) The shard can be pulled out, if the opponent has a HAK that is equal to Kevin's SEI, because how higher Kevin's SEI, the more firm the shard will be in the body of the opponent. If Kevin's REI is higher than the opponent's with 1 point or more, the freeze will go faster, 1 turn to completely freeze the part. If his REI is lower, every 2 points the freeze is delayed with another turn. (2 more REI than Kevin = 3 turns to freeze, 4 more Rei is 4 turns to freeze and so on.)

Ability 2Edit

Name  Frost Shield
Type  Defensive
Cost  Medium
Stat  SEI
Range  Very low

Description => This ability will create a sort of armor of ice, which will in some way defend from attacks that cannot be blocked or dodged, but it can only be placed in one place at a time and has a 1 turn cooldown. The more SEI, the harder it is to break. If the enemy's HAK or SEI (whatever powers their move) is 2 points higher than Kevin's SEI, the shield will break, otherwise it will block the attack. The shield lasts 1 turn

Ability 3Edit

Name Frozen blades
Type  Offensive
Cost  Low
Range  Low

Description => Kevin focuses reiatsu into his knuckle braces and creates two swords of ice, which can be used to block or attack. If an opponent is hit with a slash or stab by one of the swords, the veins around the impact are frozen(freezes within turns, and can go faster if Kevin has a REI higher than that of his opponent. Equal REI is still 2 turns, and if his REI is lower, every 2 points the freeze is delayed with another turn: 2 more REI than Kevin = 3 turns to freeze, 4 more Rei is 4 turns to freeze and so on.), and slowly the bodypart will become unavailable, but same as with Glow of Ice, the freeze will eventually melt and it will be able for use again. For example this hits you around the heart, you will be knocked out for a couple of minutes, depends on how fast your reiatsu melts the ice. This ability has a 2 turn cooldown.

Kevin has 2 more Sei than their Rei: One turn Freeze

Kevin has 4 more Sei than their Rei: Two turn Freeze

Anything above 4 more Sei and theres just 2 turn freeze, anything lower than 2 sei = no freeze


Name Description Level
Icy touch Whenever Kevin steps on water with his fullbring activated, the water freezes, creating a path for him to walk on. (passive) 15
Speed of air Kevin can manipulate the air to give him backwind when he is using Bringer Light, making him able to travel larger distances with it than normally. (1 turn cooldown) 25
Make it hail If there are clouds in the sky, Kevin can make then form one huge cloud above him, making hail drop and increasing his Ice abilities for 2 turns. (3 turn cd) 25
Air Punch Kevin manipulates the wind to improve the speed of his attacks, making multiple in succession attacks less tiring. (Only affects physical attacks, such as punches and kicks) (2 turn cd) 40
Mimic The air that Kevin manipulates makes his fists go straight to the place where he is being attacked, thus making it easier to dodge the attack. (3 turn cd) 40


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAK 12
SEI 10
HOH 13
Base points 50
Earned 8 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 58

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