Kazama Chikage
Kazama portrait
Status alive
Reddit Username a_dolf_in
Race Oni
Birthday March 7th
Gender Male
Height 6.2
Weight 209
Family none
Professional Status
Base of Operations Hell
Affiliation Oni Clan
Position Leader

Kazama Chikage is the leader of the Oni clan and the main villian of the Bloodlust arc.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Kazama holding his weapon.

Chikage Kazama is a pure-blood oni from Hell who came to Seireitei in search of Renji Yamada either to eliminate or to take him as his personal Rasetsu. The main reason is that Renji is the only Rasetsu not serving any Oni. 

Despite beeing arrogant and cynical he is not entirely cold-blooded. He is simply a very intelligent man trying to save as much energy as possible and only fights with full strength when needed.

He has blonde hair and red eyes showing that he is a true full-blood. When in Rasetsu stage his appearance only changes slightly as his hair becomes white. In Oni stage his eyes turn yellow and he grows 4 horns on his forehead.


He wields the famous Douji-giri Yasutsuna, which was used by a previous captain commander to slay the first Oni, Shuten Douji. The zanpaktou´s spirit died as soon Kazama touched it the first time but the form, strength and effectiveness of it as a zanpaktou stayed.



Oni stage

Demon StepEdit

The Demon Step is the Oni equivalent of the Shinigami´s shunpo but is seen as an advanced high speed movement technique with two different styles. Most Oni are only able to use one of these techniques but Kazama is able to use both.


The Preformance based Demon Step gives the user the ability to create a small ammount of speed clones and move at very high speed. Much faster than the Compact Demon Step and way faster than Shunpo.


The Compact Demon Step is mostly based on energy saving. The movements are kept minimal but are still faster than Shunpo. The Compact has lost the ability to create clones in exchange for less energy use making the user able to use it more frequent.

Demon eyeEdit

The demon eye is an advanced sensing ability that Oni are able to use. It includes night vision, heat vision, sonar, advanced hearing and smelling, and higher sensitivity. Even with both eyes destroyed an Oni is still able to fight close to his full strength using his other senses.


Ability 1
Name Hells Chains
Type Offensive Deffensive
Cost  Medium
Range Middle
Description Kazama can create hell chains out of his reiatsu and use them either to bind or attack enemies or to use them to block oncoming attacks.
Ability 2
Name Sins and Sinners
Type Offensive


Stat SEI 
Range Short
Description If Kazama manages to bind an enemy with hell chains he can make a count of the opponents sins. As soon he touches the opponent the punishment for every sin starts.
Ability 3
Name Final Punishment
Type Offensive
Cost Very High
Stat SEI
Range Description
Description By using extreme ammounts of reiatsu Kazama opens a gate to hell which grabs the opponent and gives him the final punsihment by locking him in hell.


HAN 15
REI 20 (23)
HAK 17 [19]
SEI 20 (23)


HOH 18 [20]
Base points 110
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 110

() first release

[] second release

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