Anime guy 2 by jacob88
Race Seraphim
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 180 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Seraphim
Position Arch-Angel
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Julien is a fairly average guy. He is fit, but not muscular. He isn't tall, but he wouldn't be considered short either. His head is adorned by a shock of green hair that does tend to draw the attraction of others. He doesn't mind though, it was a good way to start up conversations. 


Julien Is a likable enough fellow. He has a very charming disposition and a natural dislike of violence. Julien's last resort is fighting, and he will go out of his way to prevent it. Even when he is finally provoked, he will not fight at full strength until driven to the brink. However, he becomes tinged with bloodthirst in his second form, and that desire grows into his final, monstrous release.


Ferro Corpus (First Release)Edit

In his first release, Julien gains the ability to turn his arms or legs into biomass weapons. These weapons include, a blade, claws, hammerfists, and tendrils. The blade and claws are obviously close-quarter, deadly weapons. The hammerfists attack at a much slower speed, but with a greater capacity to cause damage. Julien's tendrils can extend at high speed to stab or grapple with foes at range. His current effective range with a tendril strike is 45 meters. 


Ferro Corpus

Capreolum Mitto (Tendril Thrust)Edit

Type: Offensive

Cost: Low-Med


Range: Long 

Description: Capreolum Mitto is a high-speed, long-range attack used often by Julien. He will often wind up by growing through a typical throwing motion, except the tendril will grow from his hand and race towards its target. However, at closer ranges, Julien may fire without warning. There is a one turn cooldown after every use. 

Exedunt Percusserit (Corrosive Strike)Edit

Type: Bind

Cost: Med


Range: Short

Description: For one turn, if Julien makes a succesful cut, corrosive fluid will coat his bio-weapon and paralyze the target limb. If he makes contact with the torso or head, the target will be rendered immobile for one turn. If the opponent's REI is at least 5 higher than Julien's, the corrosion will not occur. 

Ira Belli Abstinuit Monstri (Second Release)Edit

During his second release, Jullien alters his form into a large, grotesque beast. Hailing from the pits of Tartarus, this bloodthirsty rage monster will not quit until his insatiable appetite has been filled. Along with a power boost, this second form comes with a third ability. 

Ira Belli Abstinuit Monstri

Incendii Rugiet (Incendiary Roar)Edit

Type: Offensive

Cost: Med-High

Stat: SEI

Range: Med-Long

Description: This is Julien's final attack. He releases an inferno form his maw that consumes anything it touches. The fire will burn on any surface for several minutes, and if it ignites a flammable object... Well, its obvious what would happen then. 

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