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Jentoru Hayato
Comm 6 sora and jentoru by neptunusz-d66hmx6
Race Shinigami
Birthday Remember remember the 8th of September
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 175 lbs
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Onmitsukido
Division Division 2
Position Vice-Captain
Partner Sora 'Kat' Hayato (wife)
Shikai To kage ishi Kurōru: And shadows will crawl
Bankai Kage ishi Jōshō: Shadows will rise

Jentoru is the current Vice Captain of the 2nd Division and Patrol Corps Commander of the Onmitsukido, although he once was the Captain/Soshireikan. He has the build of a 23 man year old man that stands at 5'10" and weighs around 176.

He has shaggy black hair that is perpetually messy. His face is criss crossed with scars from former battles. Probably his most distinguishing characteristic is that his eyes are completely different colors, with his left eye 

being a light blue and his right being a dark brown. In the past he was a friendly captain that was calm to the point of seeming like he almost wasn't paying attention, a friendly person he hates to be forced to choose a side in a spat. Once he is put into a combat situation his personality changes and he becomes very focused. Dresses in normal Shinigami attire. He is married Sora 'Kat' Hayato.

Zanpakuto and AbilitiesEdit

Zanpukato name: (To be decided)


Kage no haaku (Shadow's Grasp)
Type Offensive - Unnatural shadow
Cost Depending on the complexity of the technique
Stat Seijuu 
Range Short-long

Jen can create areas of unnatural shadow energy that he may manipulate to summon various whip or tendril like shadowy forms to grasp and/or strike at an opponent. Contact with these apendages has a corrosive effect that lingers momentarily upon a strike..but has a continous effect upon them maintaining a grip. If enough are available these may be used to activate other shadow abilities.

Name Naitogādo (Night guard)
Type Defensive - shadowy barriers
Cost Depends on the size and strength of the barrier
Stat Seijuu 
Range Short-medium
Description 3 turn cooldown (Note depending on how much energy is used cooldown may be increased) Jen forms barriers of shadow that he can use to intercept attacks against him. This barrier may also be used as a source for his other shadow based abilities.. 


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REI 10
SEI 13
HOH 12
Base points 60
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 60