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Character Threads: RyuuheiEdit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
The Celestial Introduction Several Interactions
See You In Hell Character Development Several Interactions
A God Among Men Character Development Kokoro and Ryuuhei meet up after lost time in the Academy.
Of Bondage and Blood Play Character Development Idiocies in a bar with Suiren Konoyo.
Of Loneliness and Nicknames Character Development An argument with Kokoro.
Even Gods Can Be Brokenhearted Character Development Attempting to comfort Kokoro. Efforts are in vain.
The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors Character Development/Mission Hiroku and Ryuuhei vs. Hollow
Chatting With a Tiger Lily Character Development Ryuuhei gets ripped off his ass and climbs into Higosha's bed. Several interactions.
Written In The Stars Training/Sparring Reiryoku based training. Several interactions.
Being Rid of You Character Development Ryuuhei takes a serum given by the 12th so he can forget Nowaki. Major character plot point. Several interactions.
Lorcian sits in the slippery swimsuit Character Development Ryuuhei meets Lorcian for the first time.
Trying Something New Filler Ryuuhei goes to the human world.
Meeting his Captain Commander Character Development Breaks into Kiyoshi's office and meets the CC for the first time. Elegon becomes jealous of Kiyoshi's zanpakuto.
Magic Carpet Ride Social Event Ryuuhei throws a party with LSD spiked punch.
Searching for the 7th Division Barracks Character Development Ryuuhei finds Eligor intruding on Seireitei.
A Complimentary Trim Mission Ryuuhei loses his hair, literally.
The Shout Heard 'Round Seireitei Squad Development Higosha calls out Kazuma; Ryuuhei has a discussion with Kazuma.
Mission: Disturbance in the Human Realm, District 09425 (Oslo, Norway) Mission Accompanying Rukia to Norway to investigate murders; Ryuuhei in Group 1.
Mission: Battle in the Human Realm, District 09425 (Oslo, Norway) Mission Final Battle: Rukia's Groups VS. Anniken, Vasto Lorde
Wheeling Back Into the Seireitei Character Development Ryuuhei and Hiroku show what happened to each other while Hiroku was gone.
Captain Shinya returns with something to help Character Development Ryuuhei meets Shinya for the first time.
Yamashita arrives with a severely damaged Hiroku at the Division 13 Barracks Character Development Hiroku tries to eat raw Hollow meat and becomes delirious after being attacked by Yamashita; Ryuuhei's called in by Rukia at Hiroku's request.
The Departure of an Old Friend Character Development Ryuuhei says goodbye to his captain.
Triple Star System Character and Zanpakuto Development Ryuuhei's memories are unlocked...
The Hell Butterfly Character Development Mizuro-taicho has a request of Ryuuhei. He helps the taicho with gaining a human form.
A woman is strapped up to a long stake Character Development Ryuuhei provides support for his captain, Higosha, who takes Lorcian's punishment in her place.
The Letter Character Development Caomei, Ryuuhei's friend, leaves videos for Higosha...
Going to Visit Captain Raidon Character Development Ryuuhei talks to Raidon about a recommendation.
Hell's Bells Training/Spar A royal ass beating courtesy of Yukimura Raidon.
Father vs. Son Spar/Training He catches Higosha's attention.
The Face of a Rebellion Character Development Ryuuhei finds a Guy Fawkes mask in Seireitei.
Don't Play with Fire Character Development Meeting with a new Shinigami, Heisuke.
Burned Character Development Ryuuhei did something incredibly stupid and thoughtless with Heisuke and thinks about it the next morning.
The Celestial hopes the Force is with him Character Development Goes to speak with Shin
A Not So Friendly Warning Main Story Azzuro comes to Seireitei; Ryuuhei tries to help Higosha, Shinya, Rukia and Shin with Nanami.
Hiroku's Return Character Development After not seeing him for a month, Ryuuhei meets back up with Hiroku...
Higosha Lands in the Middle of Seireitei Main Story Higosha goes after Azuro.
Renji is on his way to the 11th Character Development Ryuuhei decides to greet the new guy.
Smoking in the Boy's Room Character Development Caomei has a secret...
Natsu Ryu Character Development Ryuuhei decides to greet another new shinigami.
Testing the Roof Out Character Development Sitting with Higosha on Raidon's Roof.
Taking Up Leadership Main Story Shinya becomes Captain Commander.
Where is he? Character Development A new guy comes in yelling for Higosha.
Looking for his lieutenant and 5th seat Character Development Going to the 13th to flirt with Hiroku.
The Captain Commander Responds Main Story Reporting to show support in the upcoming battle.
A God's Last Breath Character Development Kokoro dies at the hands of a Seraphim and Ryuuhei is one of the people to find him; he takes one of Dokusabi's blades with him into battle.
Finding a Job Character Development A new shinigami arrives just as the Seraphim are attacking; Ryuuhei's temper is raw after finding Kokoro's body.
A Blood Bath Main Story Fight: Hiroku and Ryuuhei vs Gavriel
A new captain coordinates her division Character Development Ryuuhei brings Hiroku to the fourth division after the battle with Gavriel; meets Azumi.
Relief Station Character Development Following Hiroku's example, Ryuuhei heads to Xcution to help with the injured that are there. They also have a few plans.
Preparing for the Future Character Development Ryuuhei creates a ring for Hiroku.
Interlude at Xcution Social Event Hiroku and Ryuuhei's wedding!
Coming Back Character Development Helping to clean up and defend the 11th.
Ryuuhei Goes Missing Main Story Ryuuhei is taken to Astra Caelum by the Seraphim hoping to convert him.
Their Worst Nightmare Character Development Levanin and Ryuuhei are tortured with Hiroku's image.
Ripping His Heart Apart Character Development Torture on Ryuuhei with Hiroku's image, Levanin is forced to watch.
Broken and Battered Character Development Interacting with other captured people after being tortured.
Jail Break and an Unexpected Rescuer Main Story Alvaro rips Ryuuhei's wings off.
Escape from Oppression Main Story Ryuuhei stumbles out of Astra Caelum alone with his sword.
The Celestial Returns Character Development Returning from Astra Caelum; several interactions.
Reconstruction Main Story Rukia orders Ryuuhei to help with construction for the 11th's barracks.
Indestructible Squad Development Ryuuhei begins help with the reconstruction of the 11th Division; several interactions.
A visit to the 11th Main Story Ryuuhei is instated the captain of the 8th Division.
Getting Acquainted Squad Development Hyuoduo loses his lieutenant position in the 8th.
Looking for a new Lieutenant Squad Development Yoru Tsukiyumi becomes the new lieutenant of the 8th.
Levanin returns Character Development Levanin helps Ryuuhei with rebuilding the 8th Division.
A visit to the 4th Division Character Development Ryuuhei requests Azumi's help.
Stay the Night Character Development Visiting the graveyard, Ryuuhei pays his respects to Kokoro before finding the Mognettes.
Stress Character Development Ryuuhei works with the 8th Division in making it through attempting to get adjusted to the position along with his own mental ailments.
Meeting their Father Character Development Ryuuhei takes both Kiui and Himawari to visit their father.
An Attempt to Keep Family Together Character Development Lev adopts Himawari.
Aligning the Stars Once Again Character Development Ryuuhei is convinced to get therapy with Rukia Kuchiki by Levanin and Hiroku.
A Family Reunion Main Story Ryuuhei and Pandy have their last reunion with Kokoro.
Aid from the Sky Character Development Ryuuhei helps the people in the merged planes to take out the Seraphim.
Portal: Closed Main Story The portal of the Seraphim is closed with the help of several of the Shinigami, Arrancar, and Fullbringers.
8th Open Office Social Event Ryuuhei allows people to visit him; multiple interactions.
Evacuations: 85th through 83rd Rukongai Districts Mini-Mission The 8th and several others help the civilians with evacuating from the Rukongai.


Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Of Videos and Punishments Flashback Roleplay NSFW This shows how the interactions between Kokoro and Ryuuhei were before they graduated the academy. This thread may also include adult situations and language, therefore anyone that clicks on this link can not blame Ryuuhei's roleplayer for whatever they may stumble upon.

Character Threads: KaiserEdit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Thunderstruck Introduction Several Interactions.
There's a knock on the door Character Development Kaiser makes the mistake of greeting someone.
Damage Character Development The Yakuza gets their revenge on Kaiser for ruining their friend's car.
While Kylar's away Character Development Levanin and Kylar have a manly moment.
Hiroku's Return Character Development Kaiser is healed by Hiroku and attempts flirting; he fails.
Kansloos gestrand aan het kust van Japan Character Development Someone collapses outside of Xcution and Kaiser finds them.
A Soft Tapping Character Development A girl comes to the door and Kaiser's one of the only ones around to greet her.
Things on the Shinigami Side Main Story Since he can't fight, Kaiser offers to help with the injured.
Relief Station Main Story Xcution becomes a medical station for those who need help.
Interlude at Xcution Social Event Kaiser interacts with Azumi at the wedding.
Reception Party Social Event Congratulating Hiroku on his wedding.
Out in the Gardens Character Development Cleaning up the yard in the middle of the night.
Mixing Business and Pleasure Character Development Kaiser is experimented on by Emilio.

Character Threads: ShinraEdit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Protecting Her Bonds Introduction Several Interactions
Xcution Sunday Dinner Party Social Event Kylar throws a party and Marcus gets her drunk!
Don't Tell Me Where I Don't Belong Character Development Shinra's mother comes to the Xcution manor and Shinra has an additional drinking game with Marcus
When the man comes around Character Development 2 1/2 months after the drinking game, pregnant.
Sitting at the bar Social Meeting Cameron and talking with Levanin
The Tides of Change Sparring Shinra faces off with Kylar in a spar.
A Man of God Character Development Shinra meets Daniel, one of the Quincies.
Mandatory Dinner Party Social Event Shinra and Levanin interaction.
The Triumphal Return Character Development Shinra finds James at the door.
Discord Main Story Shinra and Marcus protecting the citizens in Tokyo.
Levanin Shall Play Character Development Learning about Levanin's boot from Xcution
Kylar continues his rehabilitation Character Development Rips Kylar a new ass over Levanin.
Screams in the Night Character Development Shinra dreams of how she'll die.
Outside the Manor Main Story Kylar briefs Xcution on what's happened and Shinra decides to go to Las Noches even while pregnant.
Xcution Arrives Main Story Shinra arrives in Las Noches and immediately gets herself into a verbal confrontation with Chatan.
Meeting of the Factions Main Story Shinra talks about the shenanigans with the treaty.
Meeting of the Factions Main Story Shinra gives the captains a mouthful; almost loses the baby until Azumi helps.

Character Threads: ChatanEdit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Terrorizing the skies Introduction Several Interactions
Alvaro's Tower Character Development Chatan chooses to join Alvaro.
On Wings of Steel Character Development Chatan meets Higosha; decides she likes this one.
The Wandering Owl Character Development Getting bored, she heads to the human realm for whatever fun she can have.
Alvaro flares his reiatsu in an irregular pattern Spar/Training Chatan goes to spar, finds her Espada being weak, decides not to spar.
Alvaro's Fraccion Tournament Spar/Training Chatan vs. Cecelia
Wandering the Sands Character Development Higosha breaks up with Chatan.
Alvaro returns from a hunting trip Character Development Alvaro comes back from hunting; Chatan realizes she's missed him being around the tower.
A Griffin Arrives Character Development A new arrancar arrives and Chatan greets them.
A Family Meeting Character Development Felix, Emilio and Alvaro interactions; directly after she was nearly killed by Kong.
Pleading to the Moon Character Development Chatan talks to Alvaro alone after Emilio and Felix go missing; ends up having to help him after he gets into a fight with Drake.

Character Threads: KairiEdit

Thread Link Thread Type Thread Description
Lost at Sea Introduction Several Interactions
Mandatory Dinner Party Social Kairi speaks with Levanin.
Kylar continues his rehabilitation Character Development Not remembering Xcution, Kairi meets Kylar again.
A Tyrant in Las Noches Main Story Kylar and Kairi vs Danio
Quiet, Forgetful Quincies Character Development Kairi remembers Kylar for the first time without having to meet him again.
Paying Him Back Character Development Kairi gives something to Kylar after the help and protection he's given her.

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