Himura is the current third seat of Squad 11.


Hammer of Pressure: 圧力のハンマー Atsuryoku no Hanmā

Sealed form: Deep blue saya, black tsuka, and a 40 inch long blade. The tsuba has a wave design.

Appearance: 6ft long shaft and the head is roughly hewn and is about 2x4 feet.

Abilities 水スマッシュ

Mizu Sumasshu is a downward hit where water pours out of the head of the hammer(the hammer is 6 ft tall and the head it about 2x4 with wave designs) forms around it and increases the power of the blow.

球体爆破 Kyūtai Bakuha is where water forms into a large ball and is fired from the hammer as an extremely fast speed.

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