Hikaru Tsukiyumi
Kid Cloud
Reddit Username Omegaxis1
Race Soul
Gender Male
Height 3'3"
Weight 56 lbs.
Blood Type O+
Family Yoru Tsukiyumi [Father]

Caomei Jaekuro [Mother]

Professional Status
Hikaru Tsukiyumi is the son of Yoru Tsukiyumi and Caomei Jaekuro, the half-sibling of Higosha's twins, and a resident of the Rukongai district.


Hikaru appears as a 7 year old kid that stands at a height of 3'3", with spiked blonde hair and had inherited his mother's bright sapphire colored eyes, bordering a neon blue. Another similarity to Caomei, is that Hikaru also has a light pale skin as well. 

He wears anything that fits him, but tends to usually put on a a pair of small baggy shorts with a shirt with a turtleneck, and a aqua blue colored jacket that he always wears over his shirt. 


Hikaru is usually silent and quiet, never speaking unless spoken to, a trait that he had inherited from his father, a silent person himself. However, he is rather cheerful and loving, trying to get along with others as much as he can, especially his father. 

Hikaru cares greatly about his family, and dearly loves his mother and father, despite knowing that his mother was dead. Because he was created from their power and emotions, he seems to have an understanding of their feelings and could even understand what they were thinking, showing that he shares a deep connection to both parents without having ever spoke to them or even spend a great time with them. 

Alongside his parents, Hikaru also loves his half-siblings that were truly born from Caomei, despite them not being full siblings, due to them being Higosha's children. It might stem from being made from Caomei's emotions, making him share a desire to protect and watch over the twins as well. 

However, there is something that Hikaru knows about himself that he never intends to tell until its time.


Hikaru was never born per se, but rather was created from a miracle. On her deathbed, Caomei knew that her life was ending, and how she would have caused great pain for Higosha and Yoru. However, unlike Higosha, Caomei knew taht she couldn't give any children for him to help fill in the void for when she would be gone. For that, Caomei made a wish to wish for a miracle to help Yoru, someone that she had indeed grown to truly love, aside from Higosah, a way of helping him truly move on. 

So the moment that she was releasing her reiatsu in bursts, her reiatsu clung to Yoru's reiatsu, and from that, it went inside Yoru's deepest, innate powers that shaped how his Zanpakuto, and from that, a new life was created, which fell onto the floor. As the new life form awoke, he immediately approached Yoru in his moment of despair, and somehow helped Ryuuhei calm Yoru down. As Yoru fainted from the release of his reiatsu, the boy introduced himself as Hikaru Tsukiyumi, Yoru and Caomei's son.


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Base points 26
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 26

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