Status Active
Reddit Username vegivampire
Race Shinigami
Birthday 15/12
Gender Female
Height 4'4"
Weight 55lbs
Blood Type AB
Family N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Division 7th
Position 4th seat
Previous Division 7th
Previous Position 5th seat (for an hour)
Release Command Bite
Shikai Hebi no Kiba, Fangs of the Snake
Bankai N/A
Sealed Weapon A jagged edged katana


Hikari has the appearence of an average child of around 10 years of age. However, she is missing her right arm up to the elbow; although the arm itself is hidden beneath the full length sleeve of her slightly too large Shihakushō.

Her sword is placed diagnoally across her back, the hilt protruding over her left shoulder. It is a scaled version of a normal katana, about the length of her left arm. The sheath, made of tanned leather, is jagged at the top, on the side the blade faces. They fraying is worsened every time the sword is drawn due to the jaggedness of the blade.

Zanpakuto - Hebi no Kiba (Fangs of the Snake)Edit

Unreleased, Hebi no Kiba is a katana with a jagged blade. However, it does not look broken and the jagged edge serves to cut into and catch the flesh of any enemy it impales.

Shikai: Upon the command "Bite" Hikari swallows the sword down to the hilt and snaps her teeth shut on the last silver of metal. The sword shatters and the metal coats her teeth and forms teeth on the end of her right arm. She swings the sheath off of her back and the twists the cord around her left hand, forming a a long thin shield.

Shikai AblitiesEdit

(Ability name)
Name Seek
Type Offensive Passive
Cost Low
Stat Bukijuu/Hoho
Range Very short

If an opponent is bitten a tooth snaps off and slowly attempts to rend its way towards vital organs.

(Ability name)
Name Clamp
Type Offensive
Cost High
Stat Hankou/Bukijuu
Range Short

Both mouths lose their teeth and exhale a cloud made up of shards of their metal that then surround Hikari. Both she and any opponent fighting her inside the cloud are covered in a multitude of cuts, weakening them both. When every shard is sated they clamp down on both Hikari and the opponent, each activating seek.


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 11
Base points 40
Earned 1 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 41
Please check if the combined total of your stats is equal to the points you should have. Your stats total to: 40 and you should have: 41

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