The Hanjiton (English: Chaos Magistrates) are an elite set of warriors and subgroup of the Onmitsukidō Executive Militia. All members utilize an Akuitech weapon system in addition to their own Zanpakuto. Candidates for the Hanjiton are individually selected by the Corps Commander of the Executive Militia, a position currently filled by Sōshireikan Kagechi Yorutora, and require above-average levels of spiritual pressure.


The group was created as an experiment to test the new Yutoku no Akui-based weapon systems, or Baishintō, designed by Kagechi Yorutora. He selected one of the most experienced and trustworthy members of the Executive Militia, a man named Dotamura, to be the first Hanjiton. After receiving satisfactory results, in both test environments and official missions, Kagechi gave Iba Dotamura an upgrade to his searched for a second candidate. Eventually he chose Yorusaru Zaimi.


There are currently only two active Hanjiton.

Dotamura IbaEdit

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Dotamura is a tall man with long black dreadlocks and deep, commanding voice. While cheerful off duty, his demeanor becomes rather cold and calculating during combat. He joined the 2nd Division after graduating with flying colors from the Shinigami Academy, and quickly rose through the ranks of the Executive Militia. When his captain called upon him to become the first Hanjiton, Dotamura received the Mark I Baishintō. The weapons system initially operated as 4 spears; after successful testing the model was upgraded to operate 6 spears simultaneously.

Zaimi YorusaruEdit

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Zaimi Yorusaru is the grandaughter of the current head of the Yorusaru Clan. She is a red-headed woman with a slim but athletic build. Growing up she tried to distance herself from the rambunctious attitudes that the rest of her family, especially her older brother, exuberated constantly. Zaimi found the practical and calm life she longed for when she began working in the Patrol Corps. Eventually, however, her inheritant high spiritual pressure made her a prime candidate for the Hanjiton. Kagechi had finished creating the Baishintō Mark II, giving it to her as its wielder. This one was a 4-part sword based system, similar to the original used by the captain himself.


(Dotamura image is of the Kingdom Hearts character Xaldin)

(Zaimi image is of the League of Legends character Irelia)

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