Satan's Child
1012A“*Yawn* Life is rather dull these days…”
Status Active-Alive
Reddit Username SatanicEmbrace
Race Fullbringer
Birthday Feb, 3rd
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight 115
Blood Type ?
Family Emma, Kylar Blackwolf, Christian, Michael.
Professional Status
Base of Operations London
Affiliation Unknown
Position Unknown
Fullbring Six Eyes of Satan


Eve has magnificently long black hair that falls far past her waist, her bangs cut straight across. She has a very mature, serious look to her features, having sharp angles and vindictive blue eyes. Her body is thin and her legs long. Her skin is soft and has a peachy complexion. She will often wear a school girl’s uniform and will toggle between it and a metallic suit of light-armor while in battle. 


Eve is a rather quite girl with a cheerless personality she doesn’t get overly worked up about things and normally can remain rather calm during any situation. She is rather close with her brother Michael and was also close with her cousin Kylar. Eve gets bored quite easily, especially around lackluster people.


Eve was born in the United Kingdoms and has recently came to visit her brother Micheal in Xcution.  She is rather secretive about her childhood and life and because of this not much is known about her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Six Eyes of SatanEdit

Eve carries with her a small black case containing six marbles each with a special ability. Eve has the ability to manipulate and move these marbles telekinetically (Demonic Embrace), using them to fight her opponents from a distance. The abilities of the six marbles scale off of Sei for power and Rei for usage. Currently Eve has unlocked three of the six marbles, while the other three are currently a mystery.  Eve's six marbles are often orbiting her or hovering near her for easy use and because of this it's very difficult to catch her off guard as she is always ready for a fight.

Marble 1: Eye of ChangeEdit

Name Eye of Change


Cost Small
Stat Sei, Rei
Range Close to Long

Eve has the ability to change the density and size of this marble. Making this marble smaller and heavier increases its speed making it like a bullet for taking out single targets quickly, while making it larger and heavier allows for large scale attacks that deal more damage and can be even more threatening.

Marble 2: Eye of OblivionEdit

Name Eye of Oblivion
Type Offensive
Cost Small
Stat Sei, Rei
Range Close to Long

Eve has the ability to implode or explode this marble causing damage in an outward radius. The marble can reform and be used over and over. Imploding it will cause more focused heavy damage while exploding it will cause spread out damage as well as a knock back effect.

Marble 3: Eye of ProtectionEdit

Name Eye of Protection
Type Defensive/Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat Sei, Rei
Range Close

The armor looks like this.

This marble has the ability to merge with Eve and form a suit of powerful armor thus allowing close range interaction. The armor covers her body like a suit of armor thus making her move slower. Her armor also has the ability to form  different types of close range weapons. Sustaining the armor requires a continuous output of Reiatsu. Her armor's defensive strength is based off of her Sei, thus while it is active any attacks done to her scale on her Sei. She can sustain the armor for up to 3-4 turns before going on cooldown. Her armor can be penetrated from attacks that are at least 4 points higher then her Sei.\




Marble 4: Eye of Sight (Locked)Edit

Name Eye of Sight
Type Utility
Cost Low
Stat Rei
Range Close to Long

(Not yet purchased, just keeping it here so I don't forget my idea for it.)


Name Description Level
Demonic Embrace Eve has the ability to manipulate dark energy and use that energy to move objects around her. This dark energy is not to be mistaken for shadows or a form of negative light; it is in fact much different. The dark energy derives from negative matter. Eve can use her negative thoughts to influence inanimate objects with dark matter. This ability is a form of telekinesis and is what gives her access to controlling her marbles. When an object is being influenced by her the object will darken and appear as absent space outlining the shape of the object, this is the affect her dark energy has on the object she is controlling. As soon as she releases the object from her control, it will return to its normal color. This ability cannot be used to manipulate a living being however Eve can shape the negative energy into a black like hand which she can use to root a target for 1 turn with a Cooldown of 2 turns. Moving objects with this ability is second nature and is more of a passive for allowing her to manipulate her marbles.


Demonic Gate Eve can open a gate that can link two specific locations that she has marked with negative energy. This gate opens into a pocket dimension which she must pass through to get to the other side. The pocket dimension is a cold dark place that looks a lot like outer space. Eve can only link two locations at any given time by marking them with the negative energy. Eve must go to each location to physically mark it herself. The negative mark will last for up to 24 hours before it dissipates.(Out of Combat only.) 35
Negative Bolts Eve manipulates negative energy at her fingertips and launches them towards a target. The bolts come in 5’s and spread out as they are fired. They appear as small black spheres that pass through a target when they hit damaging internal organs rather than affecting them outwardly. Targets with Rei at least 3 points higher than hers will be unaffected. This spell passes through all objects and only damages living tissue. The spheres will dissipate after traveling forwards a short distance. The best way to escape them is to dodge as they will simply pass through physical shields like rock walls or ice barriers. 35

Name Description Level
Negative Dome Eve forms a dome of negative energy around a large area 4 mile radius. Inside the dome everything is pitch black and soundless. This ability lasts for 2 turns and has a Cooldown of 2 turns. The dome can be shattered as long as the ability used on the dome has a stat higher than her Sei by 2. Eve has the ability to see inside the dome using this to her advantage. 40
Negative Entity Eve uses negative energy to change her physical shape and appearance as well as the texture of her spiritual pressure. She can use this to mimic the presence and appearance of a target allowing her to infiltrate with near perfect precision. The only weakness to this ability is that she cannot mimic abilities or power level so as soon as she is expected to fight or defend herself it would become apparent if she was much weaker than the person she stole the identity from the other weakness is how she acts, Eve is an actress however close friends may be able to point out inconsistencies if she is not portraying her target properly. However this ability can be used to fool anyone up until they discover she doesn’t possess any of the abilities or power the person has. She can also mimic clothing and weapons with this ability.This is a shapeshifting ability not an illusionary ability. 40

Name Description Level
Dark Rupture Eve puts her hands together and forms a sphere of dark matter, she then aims at her target and releases a massive blast of negative energy in a cone. This ability inflicts heavy damage on targets in the blast radius. However the damage is internal and isn’t visible on the outside. This ability like Negative Bolts passes through physical shields like Rock Walls and Ice Barriers and is best dodged. Requires a heavy amount of energy to use and has a 2 turn cooldown. Targets with at least 3 more in Rei then her Sei will be unaffected completely and targets that are even or a point higher will take medium damage. Targets below will take the full amount of damage. 50
Replenish Eve manipulates the cells in her body and replaces damaged tissue with negative matter to heal herself. This ability can heal major wounds for a short time, however after the matter dissipates the wounds will return and will require real medical attention. This move can be used to replicate destroyed organs and tissue, including the heart. It lasts for 3 turns before the replaced organs and tissue dissipates and the wounds return. Has a 4 turn cooldown. If her heart were about to give out and she replaced it then she would simply die after the ability wore off. 50
Shatter Touch Eve must get close to her opponent to perform this ability. Using her finger she touches the target marking them with negative energy. At first this ability does nothing, but 2 turns later the mark will erupt to deal massive amounts of damage. This ability can only be dodges during the period in which she tries to place the mark on her opponent. Meaning once the mark is placed the damage will be unavoidable 2 turns later. Targets with Rei at least 3 points higher will sustain no damage targets with even or 1 point more will take medium damage. Cooldown of 3 turns. 50


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}{{{hoho bonus}}}
REI 10
SEI 12
Base points 50
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 50






Thread ActivityEdit

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