A Foresight Br
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The Foresight Bracelet.

acelet is an object that allows the user to access surveillance feed from the Ritual of Foresight. It is designed during the casting phase of the Ritual of Foresight by smashing the Blue Moonstone after channeling. There can only be four Foresight Bracelets as there are only 4 casters. The Foresight Bracelet has the ability to project a blue orb that can reveal any location within the surveillance radius; even invisible objects or people are revealed within the orb. The orb also has the ability to relay sound and Reiatsu signatures.  

Foresight OrbEdit


The Foresight Orb after being projected from the bracelet.

The Foresight Orb is projected from the bracelet by channeling ones Reiatsu through the bracelet and commanding it with the words “Reveal”. The orb has a jelly like texture despite being pure energy. It can literally be picked up and held and is light as a feather. The orb can reveal any location within the surveillance radius and relay sound as well as show Reiatsu signatures. The orb can be dissipated by simply crushing it; however the bracelet can produce an indefinite amount of these orbs. To access feed a wearer of the Foresight Bracelet simply wills the orb to reveal a specific location, the user can zoom and see a location from whatever angle they will the orb.


  • If the sigils maintaining the Ritual of Foresight are broken the Foresight Bracelet becomes useless.

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