Fedor Baumbart
Status Alive/Active
Race Quincy
Birthday 3rd September
Gender Male
Height 6 foot 6
Weight 235 pounds
Blood Type A+
Family None
Professional Status
Base of Operations Xcution Manor
Affiliation Fullbringers
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Fedor Baumbart is a Quincy, recently joining ranks in Xcution.


His father and mother passed away from cancer by the time he had hit 17, his father hanging on until the bitter end, telling him all the secrets of the Quincy. His dream is to lead the Quincy to form a powerful community, and to perpetuate the Quincy gene’s. Having always been able to see spirits, he has grown fond of speaking with them, and is no longer afraid of hollows. He has a tattoo on his shoulder, chest and arm, which all connect, as a sign of strength, one that his father, grandfather and great grandfather had all got at age 18. Now, at the age of 21, he steps out into the world ready to take one everything!


He stands at 6 foot 6, with brown hair down to his neck and a long untamed beard. His piercing blue eyes stare out from behind a tuft of hair, and look full of hope and joy, despite his hardships. His tattoo is large, covering his left pectoral, his left shoulder and his left tricep/bicep. It’s a tattoo drawn by his great grandfather, which symbolises his families strength.


Light hearted, he’s always been one to joke about every situation. He grew up in the Quincy world, trained for a long time and has long since thought he would meet Quincy from around the world. His father has told him that there are others spread across the world, and that they need one to unite them, and that he would need to be strong enough to be that person.


Spirit Weapon>Edit

This arm mounted Crossbow is his weapon.  Fedor manifests his spirit weapon in the form of a wrist mounted crossbow with a spirit bracer.


Name: Beseitigen

Cost: High

Range: Short

Class/level:10 Sei / 10 Hoho


Description: By moving at high speed, and firing rapidly, the user can create a multidirectional attack which seems to close it all at once.

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