She has two appearances. An owl, and a woman. 99% of the time she is an owl.

Owl appearance

Height: 2ft

Weight: 25lbs

Eye color: bright yellow.

Mask: her beak.

Hollow hole: N/A

Her owl body is white excluding some freckle like-black spots on her face and black spot on the tips of her wings.

Humanoid appearance

Height: 6ft

Weight: 140lbs

Hair color: red.

Eye color: bright yellow.

Mask: curved strips on her forehead.

Hollow hole: just above her collar bone like Ulquiorra.


Owl Form

She is completely silly. She takes absolutely nothing seriously and is quite ditsy.

Humanoid Form

In humanoid form, she is more composed, mature, and intelligent.

She like to hunt and eat small hollows.

Also, she completely loses her shit if you pet her head. In both forms.

Stats and abilitiesEdit

Ressurecion: Ferrara

Her appearance in res. is essentially a humanoid-owl cross. She mainly uses her talons for melee attacking.


1: Ráfaga (gust) - Sends a buffeting gust of wind towards the enemy.

2: Rayo Ala (lightning wing) - She simply extends her talons and sends strikes of lightning towards the enemy. Can be used in conjunction with Rafaga.

3: Volar Cero (flying zero) - She flaps her wings and sends a 5 fast feather shaped cero at the enemy.

Class/level: NV-3

HAN: 5

REI: 5

HAK: 10/14

SEI: 5/9

BUK: 1

HOH: 5

Points Earned: 0

Total points: 30

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