"Espada? "Don't be ridiculous. I'm not fit to order my own pack around" - Emilio when Alberto suggested he should be one of the Espada one day.


Emilio's DomainEdit

Situated right on the outer walls of Las Noches, Emilio's domain is only slightly different from Hueco Mundo's rough and heartless climate, not that he purposely altered it like his fellow Espada he just benefits from their deliberate climate changes.

There isn't much on his territory besides his palace, an old broken down building he restored and changed to his tastes with the help of dozens of Hollow servants. From the outside, Emilio's tower looks like only necessary parts have been cut out of stone and that may very well be true. Crude statues and an alarming giant skull, oddly resembling a ram just like the Espada's mask, make one wonder who this belonged to, it may have been a tribe of cooperative Hollows but neither its current lord nor other Blades of the Arrancar really cared enough to investigate.


While almost barbaric looking from the outside, Emilio's domain is in fact quite spacious and luxurious on the inside, warm fires burning in open fires and torches on the walls bathing his halls in a comfortable, welcoming light. Many of his open rooms are unused, waiting to be filled by some guest or partner but the Chimera often jokingly admits his attitude to be responsible for this. In his opinion there will always be a few empty room in his enormous palace and he doesn't exactly mind it. However he doesn't forbid anyone from staying at his place as long as they are able to control themselves and don't break the rules.

The only thing outside of his mansion he created with the help of servants is a large arena, following the design of Rome's Collosseum in smaller dimensions and with a lot less seats, about three dozen to be precise, where every official conflict in his household is resolved for the sake of keeping destruction minimal as well as entertain him.

One door, right outside of Emilio's chambers is inaccessible for the majority, locked and fortified it leads into a basement with several private rooms, some filled with torture devices he collected over the years and others filled with countless weapons, ranging from barbaric clubs to fine knives cutting through flesh like butter.

Tower RulesEdit

As an Espada who is always wary but quite sure to always have the upper hand Emilio's rules are necessary but not as strict as expected.

  • No bloodshed in any way is allowed without Emilio's approval
  • Grudge matches are to be resolved in the arena with or without supervision by its owner
  • Everyone inside the building is supposed to be treated with the respect they deserve, not more and not less.
  • No one except for specific individuals have access to the basement
  • It who destroys, shall rebuild
  • Anyone breaking these rules find their hands in the hands of Emilio


Hollow ServantsEdit

During his hunts, Emilio has learned to sometimes leave those alive that might seem profitable, although he rarely makes exception when executing a victim it has happened a few times now. Rumor has it someone talked him into being a little soft for the sake of his own power sometimes. Many of them are just mere Hollows, their bodies adapted to whatever natural fighting style they have adapted, some can talk some can not and mostly the humanoid-looking underlings dare to speak their mind.



As the weakest of Emilio's little private zoo, Havillon's imposing appearance is way more dangerous looking, than the Hollow really is. Where other's dress to impress the lizard-type Hollow has evolved to look as intimidating as possible, his mediocre flames shining through its belly and numerous thorns sprouting from his body. According to the Espada they are more of a hindrance than a weapon but they serve their purpose. Havillon's shell is thick, incredibly so and it was the one thing saving him from Emilio's listless last strike. Figuring it was okay to give him a chance the infernal lizard now fights for the Chimera.

He may not be the strongest but his attack patterns relying on his sturdy appearance and weaponized appendages he jabs effortlessly in his opponent's direction as well as lingering flames dwelling inside his belly only waiting to scorch the skin of cocky Arrancar pups, Shinigami or his own kin. His intellect however is hardly developed and thus he isn't capable of figuring out complicated maneuvers or able to speak, instinct reigns his behavior but he isn't dumb as bricks.



When taking in the sight of this odd being, one can only assume it was one of Hueco Mundos' mood swings, neither definable as one creature or the other Sisantrix shows both signs of small dragon breeds as well as the feathered wings, beak and muscular build of a hippogryph. While it is quite possible for the endless sands to sprout life as twisted and odd as this the Menos is actually a product of Las Noches, a creation of the Privaron Espada known as Zaxten, the Whight Knight.

Being one of countless artificial lifeforms bred in tanks and test tubes engineered to shred skin, tear apart muscles and crush bones, Sisantrix is drilled and focused on killing after given commands, that is until it and a few of its brethren broke out of Zaxten's laboratory feasting upon flesh they yearned for so badly. But their initial ecstasy and blood lust faded until one day a certain Espada found the only surviving member of misfits. Seeing how his source of entertainment didn't struggle, Emilio merely shrugged and decided to give an empty killing machine a new purpose.



Now where is a labyrinth and a young greek hero with a ball of twine when you really need him? Jokes aside, Theseus wouldn't exactly be of help when facing a creature like Tath. As a bulky, muscular red-skinned and horned Minotaur the Adjuchas is quite threatening when just standing on guard. Covered in scraps of ruined armor and his face painted for the sake of war most of the time his pure strength more than makes up for his lack of individual skills.

While he isn't very talented in tactics and the art of war, he sure knows how to swing his monstrous arms around and the appearance does trick many into thinking he is all brawn and no brain. Tath due to being of humanoid biology is able to speak effortlessly and as a loner he has spent quite a lot of time thinking about god and the world. Find a suitable topic and you will find his arms and legs aren't his only impressive muscles

Grisel and SicEdit

Grisel And Sic

The desire to live, to eat and grow only to escape the endless fear of regression burns deep withing a Hollow's heart, some who strive to become greater nurture that flame, until it covers their being, the desire of greatness embracing those with burning wills until their very own ambitious flames adorn their heads.

The two-headed hellhound Grisel and Sic is such a creature eating and devouring whatever its flames can scorch. On a hunt their desire of superiority and largely growing ego almost ended their life as they lunged forward out of the shadows on a certain Espada, believing his companion Chatan to be easy prey with her once mutilated body. The hellhounds' assault was futile and in the blink of an eye it became the prey.

Despite broken legs, shattered ribs, unhinged jaws and guts barely spilling out of its body the thing battled onwards. Collapsed right on Emilio's doorstep, it was Chatan who found and named it, one name for each head. What she felt was genuine pity but respect for the creature with iron will.



Life grows wild in the Hollow's realm, adapting to whatever situation for the sake of survival, like plants adapting to their survival there are some of the plagued Spirits who mimic this behavior, becoming like ferocious living plants instead of wild animals. Calm and collected in comparison to their barbaric kin those Hollows show hardly signs of being pushed to growth. They accept it as a necessity but it is more of a willing need than an absolute necessity.

Persephone is a ten foot tall powerful Adjuchas with a mind sharp and clear almost as if she was close to reaching Vasto Lorde levels. Her appearance is clearly female, light violet skin and almost human features if there wasn't the enormous crown of twigs replacing the upper part of her face or the burly legs as thick as a tree trunk and covered in protective bark. Unlike the lower levels of servants she never fought Emilio but was talked into joining the Arrancar's ranks by Typhon, claiming it was easier to feed because the Arrancar didn't need to devour souls of their opponents to grow. As the wisest and most humanoid of them all she acts as the leader of Emilio's merry group.

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