Race Human
Birthday November 29, 1998
Gender Female
Height 5' 4"
Weight 103 lbs
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
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Ellie Williams grew up in the streets of Boston. Her dad left when she was born and her mom died of leukemia when Ellie was only 4 years old. A decade later, the ghosts of the Boston marathon bombing haunt her and she flees the city. Her first time out of the metropolis, she hitchikes to Pittsburgh. After a few nights stay, in which she managed to really piss off a gang of thieves, she flees yet another city before making her way out to Wyoming. Two weeks on the road with little water, less food, and no place to sleep, Ellie succumbed to fatigue. She woke up in the house of a man by the name of David. After a day in his care, Ellie quickly removed herself from his supervision and set out west, once again. After another several days in transit, the young girl once again finds herself cross with Denver airport security. In an extremely unfortunate series of events, Ms. Williams finds herself stowed on an Air Japan flight to Tokyo. Another day of wandering around the city, and she comes across a large house in the outskirts of Naruki City. Believing the manor to ripe for the picking, Ellie made to scope out the premise. 


Ellie by lazerbat-d6hqdch


Ellie is a 14 year old tomboy. She wears a pair of jeans that have holes in the knees and look generally worn out. Her black Chuck Taylor tennis shoes are nearly falling apart and she wears a red shirt that used to have a graphic on the front, but know it's hard to tell what it says. A dark, thermal long sleeve shirt covers her arms and a mysterious scar on her right forearm. Her dark brown hair is almost always pulled back into a ponytail, and her striking green eyes contrast beautifully. Ellie carries a switchblade in her back pocket. 


Ellie is a spitfire. Her mouth would be more suited on an old, grizzled sailor, rather than a 14 year old. She is as fearless as she is headstrong, and she doesn't always think before she does things. Growing up on the street, she has become quite adept at procuring items, in a morally questionable manner. Though she hides it well, Ellie fears being alone. When she isn't cussing or stealing, Ellie likes to spend her time quietly reading, usually comic books.


Pickpocket. Ellie is a skilled pickpocket and is usually able to obtain anything from keys to wallets to cell phones. 

Knife throwing. Though most of her experience comes from brandishing the switchblade at leery hobos, Ellie has practiced throwing the blade to the point where she is fairly proficient in the art. 

Swearing. Ellie is a masterful practitioner of cursing. Her vulgarity has transcended into the arts. 

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