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Ectosynborus being harnessed.

Ectosynborus is a mystical energy that is found within then Hell Dimension. The energy is spiritually potent and if harnessed properly, it can be used to revive the dead even if the soul of the dead no longer exists, it can heal illnesses, diminish toxins, restore sanity or loss of consciousness or even be used to create a brand new soul from scratch. Despite it only being found in the Hell Dimension, actually finding Ectosynborus is very rare as the substance has scarcely dwindled over the course of time, there are only a few active wells within the Hell Dimension that still release the substance and those wells are heavily protected and fought over. Ectosynborus defies many scientific principles this is because it exists in three states at once, energy, gas and liquid. When first seeing it the substance will seemingly move through the air in a gas like pattern but will also dissipate like energy and can be touched and has a liquid feel to it, it also can be condensed into a solid. Aside from what is stated above, little is actually known about this substance as it has yet to be properly researched.


This is a virus that is
Sasuke s Curse by BlueCat CJ

Ectostigma rash.

passed on to targets that come in contact with Ectosynborus; it lasts for several days appearing as a purplish marking like rash. It is seemingly harmless but can actually be quite deadly. Ectostigma reverses the effects of healing or regeneration that the target has experienced in the 2 hours prior to exposure as well as inflicting immense amounts of pain and damage to the target if they attempt to use healing of any kind while afflicted by the virus. Since the body naturally regenerates cells at all times this can cause mild amounts of pain and cramping as well as weakness and trouble moving, but the effects are worse when exposed to concentrated healing, such as abilities that regenerate lost limbs or rejuvenate the body’s spiritual energy. This ability has a profound affect on those with high white blood cell activity or are fighting off sickness as the virus will reverse the targets ability to recover. Hypothetically if an afflicted target were to have recently regenerated an arm 2 hours prior to being afflicted by the virus, the regenerated arm would begin to die and eventually fall off. Aside from what is explained above, little is known about the inner workings of this virus as it hasn't yet been properly researched.

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