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Division 8
8th Division Insignia
Captain Lorcian Kobayashi
Lieutenant Position Available
3rd Seat Cong Liang
4th Seat Position Available
5th Seat Position Available
Related Organizations Kobayashi Korp



Black jackets

The 8 Team's Uniforms


Captain: Lorcian Kobayashi /u/Lorcian


3rd Seat: Cong Liang /u/Brasspole

4th Seat:

5th Seat:

6th Seat: 

Unseated Members:Edit

Former MembersEdit

Name Position
Natsuko Itou Captain
Shin Kobayashi Captain
Ryuuhei Fujiii Captain
Ryatso Matsumori Captain
Hyoudou Issei Lieutenant
Yoru Tsukiyumi Lieutenant
Takeshi "Kamina" Eto 3rd Seat
Marju Raiki 3rd Seat
Kazuya Makoto 3rd Seat
Amaya 4th Seat
Hiraku Nara Unseated
Kovu Eon Unseated

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: 



Squad Colour: Cobalt Blue


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