Division 11
11th Division Insignia
Captain Ryuuma Mifune
Lieutenant Masato Tadayoshi
3rd Seat Miyami Rei
4th Seat Position Available
5th Seat Position Available



Captain:  Ryuuma Mifune /u/Blademaster247

Lieutenant: Masato Tadayoshi /u/Capt1n_Barbosa

3rd seat: Miyami Rei /u/Trunkai

4th seat:

5th seat:


Ryatso Matsumori /u/ATLA4life

Ryuuhei Fujiii /u/Isandria

Takeshi "Kamina" Eto /u/Kuroikatsuchi

Rin Ikari /u/DSV686

Shuo Gisai /u/Krizzle8

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: Indestructible by Disturbed

Pokemon: Beartic

Mascot: Wolverine

Motto: "If violence doesn't slove all of your problems, you must not be using enough." - Higosha Banteki

Aside from their shinigami uniform, the 11th Division has their own uniform [that the captain has already stated he refuses to wear] for celebrations, funerals, ect.

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